Pufferfish provide a vast range of content and application development services focused around our PufferSphere® and PufferTouch® products, as well as other technology and innovation solutions. We bring your story to life using data, motion, video, and code to create stunning and informative content. Our bespoke services are tailored to your needs, expertise, existing assets, timelines, and budgets.


  • Unparalleled expertise in the development of spherical content and applications

  • Turnkey content services

  • Specialist data and GIS integrations

  • Effective usage of existing visual assets

  • Consultancy, Co-Working and Support

  • Growing content library


  • From discovery to delivery, we translate your story to the sphere

  • Content tuned for maximal impact on your display

  • Explore new dimensions for existing visual content

  • Tailored services to fit your skill-sets, systems and workflows

  • Simple routes to keep your display fresh and relevant


We have years of experience in building content and applications for spherical displays. We understand the common workflows that can be used to translate content for the sphere and those which can be deployed to create specialist spherical GFX. We provide full in-house motion-graphics and animation services, but can also work with your internal designers or agency to pool expertise.

Off-the-Shelf Content

We have an expert knowledge of the available sources for spherical content of all kinds, whether that be publicly available global data sets, GIS-based solutions, specialist 360° filmmakers or subject-area specialists. We have a growing content library offering off-the-shelf stories covering a range of popular topic areas which is tailored to our displays and can also provide access to component assets to streamline user-led development.


We have a particular strength in bringing a deep understanding of best practice and practical system constraints to any spherical project, not least those for our own interactive PufferTouch2 range displays. We are happy to share this expertise on a consultancy basis, or lend practical help for any project components that require it.

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