Pufferfish provide a vast range of content and application development services focused around our PufferSphere® and PufferTouch® products; as well as other non-planar and immersive display solutions. We bring your stories to life using a range of engaging media to create breath-taking and unforgettable content.

We offer custom content development, turnkey solutions, and off-the shelf content - all tailored to your needs, existing assets, timelines and budgets. We bring expertise in data visualisation, GIS services, motion graphics, UI/UX design, storytelling, interpretation, illustration and infographics. With a BAFTA award-winning Motion Designer leading our internal team and a comprehensive network of specialist providers, we have the ability to deliver complex projects across disciplines.

We know that to tell your story, we need to understand both the narrative and the audience. From discovery to delivery, we undertake consultative design-led processes to translate your story to our unique platforms. We understand you will have invested in digital content for other platforms, so we always explore new dimensions for existing visual content, and make sure it's tuned for maximum impact on your display.

Our bespoke services are designed to fit your skill-sets, systems and workflows, so you can lean on us where you need to when enabling optimal routes to keep your display fresh and relevant.

Off-the-shelf Content

We have an expert knowledge of the available sources for spherical content of all kinds, whether that be publicly available global data sets, GIS-based solutions, specialist 360° filmmakers or subject-area specialists. We have a growing content library with off-the-shelf stories covering a range of popular topic areas tailored to our displays, and can also provide access to component assets to streamline your own internal development projects.

We also offer a range of Pufferfish original applications off-the-shelf, which offer easy access to studio-quality content that can be used as they are, or customised to meet your specific requIrements and focus.

From Space, Earth Observation and Climate Change, to Interactive Games and Quizzes, we offer a range of engaging applications. See our out-of-this-world application Interstellar, here.

Custom Content

We have years of experience in building content and applications for spherical displays. We understand the common workflows that can be used to translate content for the sphere and those which can be deployed to create specialist spherical GFX. We provide full in-house motion-graphics and animation services, but can also work with your internal designers or agency to pool expertise.

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Turnkey Solutions

We have a particular strength in bringing a deep understanding of best practice and practical system constraints to any spherical project, not least those for our own interactive displays. We offer this expertise on a consultancy basis, and lend practical help for any project components that require it.

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Content Library

At Pufferfish, we don't produce global data ourselves. We leave that to the amazing institutions that we work with! We do however, aggregate it and have a vast selection to choose from. Over time, we have built a comprehensive Content Library, a selection of available datasets from top global institutions, that we feel offer unparalleled visual quality and topical relevance, for use across our projects.

See more on our Content Library, and what it has to offer, here.

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