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Engage Works teamed up with Pufferfish at the World Government Summit to deliver a truly international visitor experience.


The World Government Summit brings together prominent leaders from the public and private sectors, as well as international thought leaders and pioneers to engage in dialogues aiming to improve the lives of citizens worldwide. Dubai–based 'Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation' planned a world-class exhibition for the event featuring innovations from eleven countries that would surprise and interest their guests. Approaching experiential tech gurus Engage Works, they tasked them with a brief that involved a selection of world-beating technology innovations that would engage guests.  The installation would feature 13 different stories narrated through interactive installations that offered inviting touch points designed to educate and inspire. Not surprisingly, the PufferTouch was on their shopping list.


Pufferfish recognised that the exhibition would draw together a series of innovative initiatives from national governments around the globe and what better way to capture the breadth and scope of the exhibition than with an interactive digital globe? The PufferTouch with a 600mm screen at HD resolution offered an attractive solution – a vibrant small footprint spherical display coupled with Pufferfish's proven on-sphere touch interface and PufferPrime software. Perfectly positioned at the right height to draw the gaze of attendees, The PufferTouch was built into a customised plinth to bring it int line with the overall event aesthetic.

Summary of outcomes

PufferPrime was used to create an intuitive globe display built from the polygon-inspired visual identity, minimising coding requirements while delivering a seamlessly on-brand look and feel. Users could select hot-spot locations marked with icons to explore information about the technology innovation contributed by the global government in question. The PufferTouch proved so popular that the 'Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre' decided to purchase the display for on-going use, whilst the event itself became a feather in the cap for the clever folks at Engage Works, being hailed as “Expo 2020 in 2016”

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