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Organised by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, in association with its partners UNEPIUCNWBCSDNatural Capital Coalition and The Wildlife Trusts. The World Forum on Natural Capital is one of the most pioneering and exciting conferences anywhere in the world. With an ever-increasing population, the natural world is facing overwhelming pressure to support human life. The World Forum on Natural Capital aimed to reframe nature as the solution to global challenges, rather than a part of the problem and highlight that our future economic successes completely depends on functioning, healthy ecosystems.


It was fantastic to see a Scottish organisation leading the world and rallying the international business community to evaluate and understand the true value of our natural environment, so when the team contacted Pufferfish to see how we could to support them, we were only too pleased to help. We came up with a plan for how we could put displays from both extremes of our range to work at the WFNC, setting the tone of the space and the topic of the conversation.



To build understanding, fuel conversation, facilitate networking and debate; we located three PufferTouch 600 interactive displays throughout the networking space, inviting delegates to explore the event narratives together. Utilising our powerful PufferPrime software, Pufferfish crafted a uniquely engaging series of digital globes populated with hot spot icons and providing a simple interface for the crowd to gain insights into contemporary stories and projects around the world.

Summary of outcomes

Extending the event branding across the space was the  PufferSphere Pro display, our super-charged reworking of our original inflatable PufferSphere XL display. The new Pro display features twice the brightness of the original and proved the perfect tool for creating impact via a 2m sphere which sat above the crowd, showcasing stunning natural footage from acclaimed filmmaker John Lui. The PufferSphere Pro also offered a medium through which the organisers could showcase their gratitude to their many sponsors.

What our client said

“The team at Pufferfish were enthusiastic about our event and invaluable in helping us to understand how we could best use their technology to deliver core messaging to our delegates. They worked closely with our designers and researchers to deliver an experience, which was both on-brand, and on-message. Our delegates loved the interactive globes and they proved to be a great icebreaker. Using the large format sphere alongside the smaller units really gave us the best of both worlds and allowed us to make a huge impact in the space.

For us, these displays really provided the ideal centrepiece that elevated the main networking space and really made this the world class event we aimed to deliver. The team really supported our vision for the forum and exceeded all of our expectations. - Bruce Wilson, Scottish Wildlife Trust    

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