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One of the world’s most popular car brands uses some PufferTouch magic to launch its 2018 vehicle at one of the world’s biggest auto shows.


For the activation of the 2018 Toyota Camry at the North American International Auto Show 2017, technology and design consultants, Incite, were presented with a tricky brief. How to showcase the interior of the car - jam-packed with new features - while the limited number of production cars in existence meant public access was completely prohibited?

Keen problem solvers, the creative team were thrilled to discover “cool” interactive Pufferfish technology and hit upon a creative solution using the PufferTouch's unique capabilities.


Assisted by the Pufferfish software team, a unique application was created by Incite using Pufferfish's developer tools, PufferPrime API. The app featured a multi-layered interactive experience of the car’s interior using two 600mm PufferTouch units. This provided three distinct elements of interaction. Firstly, visitors could take part in a 360° interactive virtual tour of the Camry, custom-designing elements of the interior while exploring its new design and safety features. They could also choose to launch a driving experience in stunning 360° video through the streets of Los Angeles.

An additional element increased social engagement for the brand by allowing visitors to capture a unique 360° photo using a ‘Bird’s Eye view’ camera above the sphere. The image was then displayed on the PufferTouch, where the user could manipulate it using touch and receive a looped GIF to take away and use on social media.

The Pufferfish team were on hand to support in Detroit for the ‘top-secret’ set-up and installation, making sure testing of the application was carefully executed ahead of the hotly anticipated launch.

Summary of outcomes

The Camry is the most-sold car in the U.S. and a new model was sure to spark curiosity, but with over 800,000 visitors due to flock to NAIAS, 5000 international journalists in attendance and 60 other world-exclusive vehicle launches happening, Incite had to ensure they created a booth with attention-grabbing spectacle that exceeded their client’s expectations.

The show floor was awash with other exhibitors keen to showcase their futuristic new offerings using cutting-edge technologies. The inclusion of the PufferTouch systems and the unique interactive application ensured Incite were able to compete within the tech-heavy space and delivered an engaging and memorable hands-on experience to their visitors that was unlike any other.

Images courtesy of Incite.

What our client said

Our goal was to create an experience where auto show attendees could interact with a visual Toyota Camry brochure in an engaging, tactile way. The interactive spheres became approachable, intuitive curiosities.

We were grateful for the Pufferfish team’s continued support from developmental phase through to execution. Together, we were able to create a captivating experience to showcase the Toyota Camry.  - Mandy Shaff, Operations Manager, Incite

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