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Public Engagement Spaces like Museums and Visitor Attractions are so integral to cultural exploration, historical referencing, education, and more than anything – family entertainment! 2020 has taught us a great deal, but nothing more so than our human desire to explore and engage with topics and people outside of ourselves.

Imagine our excitement then, when a one-of-a-kind arts and cultural hub - The Box - announced their grand opening in 2020. A public engagement space that had been in the making for years, the cultural venue saw a £46Million investment, and is a ‘love letter’ to the people of Plymouth. Highlighting the city’s incredible history and maritime culture, while also showcasing world-class artwork and installations, the venue even houses ‘a life-size replica of a female woolly mammoth made with the same fur as Star Wars' Chewbacca.’ (plymouthherald)

As with all innovative hubs set to engage their local communities, they need the ‘wow-factor’, they need memorable experiences, and they need to offer sensory exploration for all ages. So, when the exhibition fit out contractor The Hub, market leaders in specialist fit out, contracted Atlas AV and approached Pufferfish for an unforgettable centre piece for The Box; we jumped at the opportunity to be part of this landmark project.


As a love letter to Plymouth, The Box was set to explore key themes of exploration, departures, arrivals, and really highlight the key explorers, navigators and adventurers who have set sail or come ashore in Plymouth. Forming a gallery called ‘100 Journeys’, they wanted a stand out globe feature for the centre of the gallery that would connect all the topics together, but would also enable visitors to explore these stories, and other journeys, in even more detail.

Being the market leaders in interactive digital globes for this sector, The Box, The Hub and Atlas AV knew Pufferfish were the obvious choice for finding their show stopping globe. Considering the wider galleries also included interactive elements that enhanced the objects and printed information on display, they knew they wanted something that looked the part and also deepened engagement with visitors.


With the ‘100 Journeys’ gallery having controlled lighting, and a large floor plan that needed a commanding piece of technology – The PufferSphere was the best choice for the space.

As a natural centre piece for permanent installations, these large-scale solutions offer versatility being able to be rigged from the ceiling or floor mounted.

They also punch 13,000 Lumens and a 4K ultra-bright screen, meaning content doesn’t just come alive on screen, it mesmerises visitors.

Adding another layer of engagement, the PufferSphere was also integrated with four surrounding touch interactive kiosks, to allow visitors to further explore information being discussed in the space.

This user-led exploration, and gamification of the gallery’s key topics, quite literally puts the stories of Plymouth in a visitor's hands – and makes it a truly unforgettable digital campfire.


“The prototype review was a success and everyone involved was really pleased with the quality of the PufferSphere… It also proved to be a highlight for those who got a chance to get a glimpse behind the scenes on some guided tours that took place at The Box prior to opening, as well as on our social media platforms when some ‘in progress’ images were shared of the installation work that was taking place.”

Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer at The Box.


Through all the adversity 2020 has offered, The Box has been a real success.

Visitors and staff at the venue love the PufferSphere, and feedback from people who were able to visit before the second lockdown came into effect, was overwhelmingly positive.

The Box are now enjoying having their doors open again, and seeing visitors learn more about these important aspects of Plymouth’s history. See a video showcase of our PufferSphere® display in action here.

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