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When it comes to having an eye for excellence and a fresh approach to eye-catching trade stand design, it’s no surprise that the ocular experts at Omidria Corporation have the creative innovation it takes. You can imagine our excitement then when Syneos Health approached us to create a one-of-a-kind eye-ball PufferTouch2+ for their US trade show tour in 2019.


For large trade shows throughout the world, the main purpose is the same – to stand out from the competition. To catch the attention of foot traffic, to start conversations with clients (old and new), and to get your brand messaging across to a wider audience.

So when it comes to stand design, it’s imperative it catches the eye of anyone and everyone at the trade show; And that’s where we come in.

Syneos Health is the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organisation in the United States, and with that comes a prestigious reputation and a client list that includes the who’s who of major biopharmaceutical brands. With the 2019 trade show tour for Omidria Corporation approaching, Syneos knew they needed a show stopper to showcase their intraocular solutions; they wanted something truly unique, innovative, and something that would draw in crowds from the Healthcare profession. Being that Omidria are ocular experts and have a strong visual identity, they decided on a physical embodiment of their iconic eye-ball character logo.It would truly become the WOW factor they wanted, and would ensure key brand messaging was engaged with and remembered.


With our latest product solution (the PufferTouch2+) displaying ultra-high definition quality projection and featuring intuitive, touch screen features, we knew it would be the ideal solution for a turnkey project for Syneos Health and Omidria Corporation.

Its 600mm screen would not only create a life-like eye-ball shape, but our state-of-the-art projection technology would have the strength and lasting power to enhance spherical content and ensure the eye (pupal and all) would display life like qualities.

Once our hardware was decided on, the next task was content. For such a unique exploration of brand messaging, key information, and also product exploration, it was imperative to have an easy to use application that served as both a visually engaging tool, but also an intuitive information tool. Our team of in-house experts worked with Syneos to put their existing messaging into a new layout and create an application that integrated coded eye-ball movements, button controlled pupal dealation, slide shows of Omidria and Syneos infographics, and other detailed information regarding cataract surgery and eye health.

The application would ultimately ensure their strong visual identity and approved assets would be seen in a new, interactive light without any need for re-developing them; allowing extra traction on trusted content, and ultimately would see them serve as a striking presence in their already bold trade stand.

To then complete the Omidria Corporation eye-ball character, we needed to customise the enclosure of the PufferTouch2+ to be both on brand, and to include arms and legs. With the ability to modify our Corian enclosures, we can customise the base unit to any shape required, but in this instance the dark Corian colour blended well with the Omidria Corporation orange backdrop, and meant a vinyl sticker could be applied showcasing Omidria’s logo. Syneos Health then added the arms and legs of the character, to create the image that the usually yoga practising eye-ball was in fact sitting on the enclosure.


Without a doubt, this project has been one of our favourites at Pufferfish. The original content is not only user-friendly and on brand, but the eye-ball character is incredibly commanding and remarkably memorable.

The eye-ball movements, key information and the incorporation of his limbs have resulted in a playful, interactive example of strong, innovative brand marketing; and it’s a journey we’re really proud to be a part of.

To date, the team at Syneos Health and Omidria Corporation have travelled across the United States to multiple trade shows, and have more planned for the future. Their eye-ball character has engaged trade show attendees, encouraged conversation around the interactive, intuitive application, and has truly stood out amongst their competition.

With the slogan ‘Less Stress, More Success’ it’s no surprise that this innovative creation has blown audiences away.

We’ll chalk that up as a success!

Thank you to the exceptional teams at Syneos Health and Omidria Corporation for your ongoing support. We can’t wait to SEE what you do next!

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