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Looking to engage consumers and promote real, yet intangible, vulnerabilities, Symantec set out to intrigue members of the public in New York, London and Toronto through fully integrated brand experiences.


Experts in anti-virus security software, the challenge facing Symantec was how to make the invisible danger of cyber crime, visible; how to get consumers to understand their vulnerability and most importantly how to position their brand as the go-to solution for these problems? Recognising the need to gain attention and engage consumers in order to promote real, yet intangible, vulnerabilities; Symantec set out to intrigue members of the public in both New York and London through fully integrated brand experiences.

The task was simple in its objective, but tricky in its execution – to bring a piece of software to life and communicate to busy commuters and shoppers a personalised story about the way in which it could save them from the trauma of online identity theft. Working closely with experiential guru Chris Bryan of Agent X, Pufferfish helped conceive and execute a traffic-stopping digital sculpture, designed to anchor the interactive kiosks around it in a public space and act to as the gravitational pull on passing tide of potential customers.


Suspending a huge 3m PufferSphere XXL inflatable display supercharged with a high power projector above branded information kiosks in busy thoroughfares, the campaign proved to be a massive success for Symantec, directly engaging with 40,000 consumers at the New York launch event alone. Colleen McKenna, the director of global brand campaigns at Norton talked about the notoriously un-responsive and somewhat marketing jaded commuters in New York who, even if they tried, could not ignore the beautiful ‘floating orb’.

Summary of outcomes

Drawn in by the hanging PufferSphere, they were then invited to interact with kiosks below the sphere, speak to a brand ambassador or simply watch a mixture of live feeds, brand messages and mesmerising branded animations on the floating screen above. Proving to be a great success, both the team at Symantec as well as the experiential marketing team behind the events at Agent X have gone on to wow consumers with the PufferSphere in further marketing and outreach events.

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