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Pufferfish paired up with Vorb again to create a truly modern communications solution at Oracle’s Modern Business Experience.


A key date in the conference calendar for any UK business looking to accelerate their growth with a digital first approach is likely to be Oracle’s Modern business Experience held annually in London. With 4000 business delegates descending on the event to hear keynotes from the likes of Deborah Meaden and Brian Cox, organisers wanted to harness the power of the crowd and ramp up social engagement and connectivity.


Looking for a solution that would not only spark engagement with the on-site audience but also drive the event’s reach online and provide for a stunning visual centrepiece, organisers chose to partner social tool the Vorb with the PufferSphere Pro. Suspended from the ceiling within the event space the 2.5M PufferSphere Pro displayed a rotating selection of video content on an interactive video orb.

The Vorb pulls together this content around a single event hashtag. Attendees are then encouraged to join or ‘spark a conversation’ by uploading their own content to the hashtag #OracleMBX, which was then pulled in as part of the Vorb and displayed overhead on the PufferSphere.

Summary of outcomes

A real call to action for the business professionals in attendance, the pairing of the Vorb with the PufferSphere offered social engagement in a way that was visually striking, real-time, easy to maintain and captured the attention of even those attendees not actively engaging with the event’s social strategy. Organisers could curate the videos of which they were able to select 37 dynamic clips that would perhaps otherwise not have been shot and shared. Meanwhile attendees to the Vorb booth could navigate through the videos with ease; share the collection online with their own groups and choose to join in the conversation happening around Oracle’s output.

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