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The OBIC Group are an established IT, computer systems and technology provider, with a wealth of experience operating in the Japanese market. They have a reputation for exceptional full solution services, and they also have a reputation for always staying true to their philosophy – 'Customer first!' – and that’s how this project was inspired.


Japan is a country with a huge interest in emerging technologies, and it’s seen some of the world’s most innovative tech released in the country. From the world’s first robot café, to simulated plane journey restaurants, Japan has a firm grip on innovative technology solutions, and they aren’t afraid to integrate those technologies into popular culture. With OBIC’s long-standing HQ in Tokyo being moved to new offices in Osaka, they knew they needed to offer a slice of innovation to their new lobby. They wanted something that would showcase their brand excellence, their expertise in technology, and something that would continue to echo their dedication to customer experience.

OBIC knew they needed a memorable, commanding and never-seen-before piece of technology; and they needed content that would speak to their diverse clients and customers. With a long-standing relationship with Pufferfish’s key Partner in the region, Cornes Technologies, it was clear the direction they needed to go – to the world leaders in spherical display technology and creative content services, Pufferfish.


OBIC and Cornes discussed needing something that was large scale, impossible to ignore, and something that was hugely impactful in the space. Something that would tell a visitor immediately upon arrival, this is a business that knows what they’re doing! In consultation with our team in Scotland, they agreed on our newest member of the PufferSphere® range – realised in January 2020 with a 4K ultra-bright screen, and enhanced content capabilities.

With a 1200mm screen, and fully integrated Presenter software – our PufferSphere® solutions are not just impactful, they are awe inspiring. Large enough to shift the mood of any environment, these passive solutions are made to transform brand messaging, and ensure information is showcased in potent and unforgettable ways. It would make the ideal addition to their lobby area, and would ensure visitors to the building would have access to a range of information in an enjoyable, unique way.


Because the PufferSphere® was to live in the lobby of the office building, and that same building would house other businesses, it was important to have content that was dynamic and easily updated. With content being triggered through a touch tablet located close to the solution, Pufferfish adapted their Presenter software to integrate with the content platform of long-time friends and close collaborators of Pufferfish, Sphere Blue. With the obvious language barrier, it was essential to have localised, language specific content. So, by combining our powers, Sphere Blue were able to house unique global content for OBIC on their interface, through our intuitive software platform.

The content would then tell a potent story of OBIC’s expertise, their reputable knowledge in IT Infrastructure, cloud services, etc, and it would showcase global data stories relating to real world topics like the 2011 Japanese tsunami, world poverty rates, education, healthcare, and more. Because the installation was due to occur in March 2020, the content would also include key information on COVID-19, and would help guide visitors through etiquette, hygiene and more, relating to the ‘new normal’ for corporate Japan. The content would then be integrated with an external flat screen display, and would all be controlled by a touch screen kiosk. Not only enhancing the potency of their messaging, but also encouraging a tactile, unforgettable experience in this carefully curated high-tech pod in the lobby.


Overall, the project was a success amongst the chaos of the global COVID-19 pandemic; and was a great example of businesses collaborating to solve problems, and offer the best solution for OBIC. The final installation also included a glass casing for the PufferSphere® to ensure its safety, but also to ensure the highest level of hygiene at all times through this ‘new normal’.

The solution has been operational since May 2020, and has seen many clients, customers and visitors to the building explore the eye-catching content. The PufferSphere® now serves as an unmissable feast for their lobby, and ultimately showcases the OBIC brand as they had hoped – one of innovation, expertise, and one you all want to work with.

Thank you to the OBIC Team, Ikumi at Cornes Technologies, and the entire Sphere Blue team.


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