Norwegian Nature Centre

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Nestled amongst the breath-taking landscapes of Hardanger National Park in Norway, sits a science centre that has harnessed cutting-edge technology to create a meeting point between nature and modern man.


After over 20 years as ‘Hardangervidda Nature Centre, Eijford’, the region’s most popular visitor centre embarked on a major creative overhaul to re-launch as “a state-of-the-art experience and teaching centre for natural and cultural history” in 2018.

They enlisted the help of creative design and AV integrators, Sarner, to incorporate the latest research from Norwegian experts and scientists and create the centre’s multilingual, high-tech exhibits, connecting international visitors of all ages to the stunning natural world all around them.

Constructed as a journey through time, from almost three billion years ago to today, each of the exhibits across three floors would need to inspire visitors to feel immersed and part of the exhibition.

For Sarner one of the biggest aims was to inspire a deeper appreciation for nature through imaginative and consistent storytelling. In particular, they needed a captivating way to tell the 200 million-year-old story of Norway’s formation from the original supercontinent Pangea through time.


The challenge was to make a clear and compelling narrative for the complex plate tectonics processes that actually began over 3 billion-years-ago, and ensure that it would appeal to and be understood by audiences of all ages and abilities. Sarner also needed to ensure the system was low-maintenance, robust and offer a unique appeal amongst other technologies and interactive elements.

Sarner approached Pufferfish for a solution that would not only achieve this aim but would be an eye-catching feature with a unique aesthetic appeal. A high-resolution PufferSphere 600 system meant that the display was at the optimum height for engagement by children and adults alike.


The completed centre launched in April of 2018 and has set high expectations, delivered an entirely immersive and interactive experience for visitors. The PufferSphere features prominently within the space, playing a key role in helping visitors to understand the geological processes that created the incredible scenery in which the nature centre is set.

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