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Tasked by the Department for International Trade with putting some of the UK’s finest innovative tech talent in the spotlight during the Mobile World Congress 2017, multi-platform media maestros Mashable sparked a conversation on the ways in which British talent is disrupting the world in a unique event in the surroundings of Barcelona’s L’acquarium. The annual event is the largest of its kind in the mobile industry. Hosted in a themed geodesic dome, they were looking for some disruptive UK tech to take centre stage in the space and act as a hub for social media and key messaging around the work the DIT is doing to support emerging talent.


An interactive PufferTouch display seemed to be very much in keeping with the themes of technological innovation and social interaction, but the location itself, a temporary outdoor venue on the upper terrace of a Barcelona institution made for a challenging event space with tight timelines. The balance of these factors led us to specify a PufferTouch 900 display, our largest interactive interface, which was selected to give a sense of presence in the space as well as bring a little touch of wonder to proceedings. Our PufferPrime software would support all of the showcasing and messaging needs of the application, but the requirement for live tweets to appear the sphere meant the need for some custom integration work through the PufferPrime API.

Summary of outcomes

Pufferfish linked into the Twitter API to pull #MWC17 tweets to the sphere in real time, generating a physical incarnation of the MWC twittersphere where attendees could tap into individual tweets as they appeared. Alongside the tweets, we were delighted to be able to showcase the intuitive dashboard of Mashable’s proprietary Kilogram visualisation software as well as providing routes for guests to tap into videos introducing UK innovators including Unmade and Synap. Pufferfish were honoured to be able to support our fellow British companies in making a splash on the international stage, and pleased to be given the chance to live by our own sword by the teams at Mashable and the DIT.

What our client said

"The Pufferfish team were a pleasure to collaborate with. Tasked with a tight turnaround, they did everything in their power to accommodate our asks. Their innovative display technology aligned perfectly with the mission of our event, and served as a great, eye-catching centrepiece!" - Alex Ford, Experiential Coordinator, Mashable

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