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Moving to a new home in their state of the art $26M campus, IBM’s European Digital Sales team put Pufferfish technology at the heart of the one-of-a-kind facility.


With a focus on enhancing customer engagement for the digital age, IBM made a significant investment in their new Inside Sales Centre, which aims to demonstrate that digital is central to their clients’ business. The building is home to a huge, digital-focused sales team from 21 countries across Europe, working in 19 different languages. The team aids clients in navigating through the new era in digital technology.

With this in mind, designers of the new space were keen to deliver on expectations to build incredible first and lasting impressions for a space that aimed to attract top talent from across Europe.


Creating a journey from the entrance to the building to draw visitors to its centre, IBM created an engaging interactive space in the middle of their vast technology campus. Adding to an already impressive collection of interactive touch tables, enormous video walls and state of the art conferencing suites, a 760mm PufferTouch was selected to form the striking centrepiece for the sales hub. Utilising a number of template applications, including a customisable interactive globe, multi-buttons video carousel and interactive video players; the team at IBM wanted the ability to update and refresh the display to show new projects as and when they come online, without the need for custom formatting or third-party content partners.

Summary of outcomes

A beacon for IBM’s past achievements and future developments, the PufferTouch not only allows clients and colleagues visiting the campus to explore how IBM has increased efficiency, optimised workflows and delivered improved results to clients around the world, but is also representative of the multi-national corporation’s mission to offer transformative digital communication to their customers. Formally opened by Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister in 2014, the centre has become a beacon for the company’s digital strategy and is the largest of its kind for IBM anywhere in the world. The PufferTouch continues to impress and engage visitors and staff alike, featuring heavily in the centre’s online communications. Pufferfish regularly revamps content with the IBM team, to ensure The PufferTouch continues to enthral people.

What our client said

“Our PufferTouch certainly provides the ‘Wow Factor’ we were looking for" - Ronan Devins, Campus Technology Manager

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