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More than just a run of the mill dance event, in 2015 Heineken Green Room utilised PufferSphere technology to immerse revellers in a unique sensory musical experiment.


Singapore-based experiential experts Rebel and Soul asked Pufferfish to help them create an innovative, unified direction for the Heineken Green Room that could be easily implemented across the Asia-Pacific region. Building on Heineken’s strong correlation with music, Rebel and Soul developed the ‘Original Sound Experiment’ to engage audiences in an experiment investigating how people see music. Guests could download a mobile app to  encourage them to participate in the spectacle by sharing photos and adding special effects and filters as part of the light show. The organisers needed a solution to physically embody the circular visual interface of the application, transforming it into a physical sphere, and that’s where Pufferfish came in.


Pufferfish quickly identified that to achieve the aims of the campaign would require a large-format digital spherical display. However, with events happening all across the Asia-Pacific region, the display would need to be easily transported, able to load into various different venues painlessly, and highly configurable. The PufferSphere XL inflatable display fitted the bill perfectly. With interchangeable screens at 1.6m and 2m diameter access would never be a problem, while international freight costs were kept low. To ensure the best quality content for the spherical display as well as integration with the guest's mobile app to tie the whole experience together, Pufferfish also collaborated with and provided in-depth training to an excellent local technical and creative team.


Summary of outcomes

The PufferSphere enabled Rebel and Soul to create a unique 'Heineken Moment' and unforgettable sensory musical experience for guests. With the event defined by an amazing atmosphere, party-goers got immersed in the spirit of the experiment fully engaging with the technology, even the following day using the app to update the event organisers on their experiences and 'energy levels.

What our clients said

"We created a visually impactful experience...peaking at a key 'Heineken Moment'. Consumers interacted with [the PufferSpheres] using a custom built app, taking photos, adding special effects and filters and beaming their pictures to the screen all throughout the night." - Rebel and Soul

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