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Hayes and Jarvis have been creating bespoke holidays as individual as their customers for over 65 years. So it came as no surprise, that when attending the UK’s biggest consumer travel show – Destinations – alongside 600 other brands, they would be keen to offer visitors a truly unique experience.


The challenge, as with all public exhibitions, was to capture the passerby and ensure they would be attracted onto the stand to be engaged effectively enough to commence an interaction with the agents.

The large bright booth, designed by the talented team from Leading Edge Design, needed to ensure the Hayes and Jarvis brand, values and offering had the right degree of prominence within the event. The design featured a lounge area with a set of kiosks, where agents were on hand to explore options with the public and make bookings. Visuals adorning the main wall evoked the luxury brand with tropical paradises, sunsets and safaris.


We were tasked by Leading Edge with using our solutions to visually depict that brand message and to function as the key attractor to the stand, capturing visitors while competing with the world’s biggest names in travel for attention.

We first liaised with the team to understand their ambitions for the entire event, their planned outcomes and learned about the show environment and demographics. Situated at the centre of a large compass, we integrated a PufferTouch, which would create a big visual impact and engage each visitor, impressing upon them the brand message and inspiring them with the H&J destinations on offer.

Content Design

Key to the digital content design would be allowing users to take leisurely, bespoke journeys exploring the diverse holiday concepts on offer, from cultural tours, city breaks and wildlife encounters to castaway island holidays.

No easy task, the luxury travel brand wanted to ensure they could showcase their 65+ worldwide destinations while having visitors depart with an understanding of not only their global reach but their commitment to the environment and to responsible, sustainable tourism.

Our unrivalled application builder PufferPrime, offers a myriad of functionalities, which allow us to build captivating user journeys and house complex narratives, telling the full story with consideration of the user experience.

A fully branded, multi-layered interactive globe application was thus scoped out featuring multiple options for users to navigate the content. Our motion graphics and software teams led the build of the application, liaising directly with both Leading Edge and H&J to get the project from concept to proof.

For navigation, two ‘mandala’-style button menus were created, the first being the main menu button categorising holiday content from six categories.

This solved the problem of offering a vast set of destinations while wanting to ensure information was ordered in a clear and simple way. Having selected one of the options, users were presented with a filtered down selection of approx. ten buttons across the globe. These buttons, when pressed, offered users the chance to watch videos tailored to that location or holiday type, or perhaps explore the most popular flight or cruise routes across the globe.

The second ‘mandala’ menu housed environmental data, showing global cloud cover, land temperatures, sea temperatures and population densities. Users could easily filter this data, with the view of the globe dynamically changing according to their selection.

This was designed with two aims, to be a fun feature giving people control over the aesthetic of the globe but also allowing them to understand how weather and environmental factors can determine the best travel destinations. It was important that the resulting application appealed to all demographics with functionality appealing to young children and their grandparents alike.


With 50,000 visitors due to pass through the doors of London’s Olympia, the stand was centrally placed with a steady flow of traffic. Stopped in their tracks by the eye-catching PufferTouch, the public crowded around the interactive globe interface over the two days of the show to get a hands-on experience with the Hayes and Jarvis brand and to get an experience of the exotic destinations on offer.

A compelling attraction, it ensured not only a high volume of visitors but an engaged audience across a range of ages, who actively participated in interacting with the PufferTouch and exploring the content. This in turn, encouraged questions and facilitated conversations on stand with the H&J team.

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