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The advent of phone and internet banking in recent years has seen bank branches disappearing from UK high streets at record rates. Halifax is using our technology to enhance the in-person banking experience for its customers.


When award-winning agency Pixel Inspiration approached Pufferfish with a unique project, we were only too happy to get involved. Their client and well-known banking giant, Halifax, was embarking on an ambitious build to create what is thought to be the UK’s biggest banking branch.

With an iconic location at London’s New Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road crossroads, the branch would be situated in the heart of a busy shopper’s thoroughfare, with a staggering 500,000 people expected to pass by its doors every day and needed to be a shining example of Halifax’s approach to customer experience.


Halifax says the branch is designed to be open to everyone, with customers and non-customers alike 'encouraged to take their time and explore at their leisure.'

Unlike the traditional bank cashier model, staff are positioned freely at the front of the branch, welcoming and helping customers with transactions using machines or digital touchpoints, seven days a week.

Working with Pixel, it soon became clear that it was of the utmost importance that each piece of state-of-the-art technology should act as a guide for customers, without being austere and difficult to use.

The touchstone for that ethos would be an ultra high-definition PufferTouch 2+ system, designed into the ‘Travel Zone’ of the branch. This area is the central hub for the bank’s currency exchange and travel business. Here, customers can get information about how to make the most of their time and money abroad.

With the latest industry beating laser projection technology inside, the bright, bold and inviting interactive sphere would be a beacon to customers to come and explore a whole world of information through their fingertips with ease.


In the ‘Travel Zone’ customers have the opportunity via the PufferTouch 2+, to explore their holiday destinations in greater detail on an interactive, touch-sensitive globe.

A colourful talisman situated a the heart of the store, the PufferTouch's screensaver calls for visitors to approach and touch the globe for a totally new way of exploring travel destinations. Inputs on the screen trigger reactions on an attached Windows tablet and vice versa for a fully complimentary interactive experience.

Allowing for two independent user experiences at any time, visitors can touch a spot on the globe to reveal a wealth of destination information including general info, population data, flight times, live weather, local time, sightseeing spots, food and drink and the top things to do when visiting. The user can then travel digitally from there to exploring Halifax’s travel products.

All live data is kept completely up-to-the-minute with our powerful PufferPrime software and unique and speedy system connectivity.

Launched to great fanfare in May 2018, the New Oxford Street Halifax offers a unique in-store user journey, with Halifax saying its striking new branch is 'the potential blueprint for the future of banking'

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