The Scottish Green Energy Awards


The PufferSphere Pro acted as a beacon for future energy evolution at The Scottish Green Energy Awards 2016.


Scottish Renewables are the voice of renewable energy in Scotland, and each year celebrates the industry’s remarkable achievements at The Scottish Green Energy Awards.

In 2016 the annual awards were held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, and it was then that Scottish Renewables turned to Pufferfish with a request we were uniquely well placed to assist with. The challenge - to bring the event’s logo and talisman, 'Orb the Energy Ball', to life.


Pufferfish worked closely with the client and the world-class event planning team at the EICC, to define a solution physically big enough to make an impact above the central stage. Needing to be bright enough to hold its own under the lighting, and beside the two large format front projections, it would flank the stage and carry details of the nominees. Not only would the content be strictly on-brand, it would be bright, punchy and bring that brand identity to life, capturing and driving a sense of excitement as the winners were revealed.

Our PufferSphere Pro made perfect sense as a solution that offered the scope for large format screen sizes, and it was compatible with a range of high power professional projectors. In this instance, Pufferfish specified a 30,000 lumen Barco HDF30 projector to be used with a 2000mm diameter screen, delivering the best possible brightness to ensure that 'Orb' glowed with all its characteristic vibrancy, even amidst the dazzle of the spots and washes illuminating the gala setting. Working closely with the venue team, the PufferSphere Pro was rigged directly to truss work and easily lifted into place above the stage.


The content for 'Orb' had to be simple and in line with the actual look and feel of its visual identity. Pufferfish met the challenge of capturing the visual look with 360° motion graphics, and facilitated a dynamic response to different stages of the event through a series of custom software integrations via PufferPrime API. On the night, 'Orb' performed off-axis tumbles, speeding up as winners were announced, before transitioning smoothly back into a standard rotation.

Summary of Outcomes

In order to meet the show calling requirements, Pufferfish built a set of simple and reliable keyboard commands into the software to allow the rotations to be triggered exactly as each winner was announced

With our supercharged PufferSphere glowing above centre stage as 'Orb', the event space came to life exactly as designed; representing the culmination of its journey around Scotland as visualised in the event branding. With members of the Pufferfish team in the control room alongside the event team, the content came together perfectly, with each category winner trumpeted by 'Orb'. Additional software implementations allowed the operator to trigger overlays with the brand logo of each award sponsor, meeting the client's need to deliver a consistent brand experience with a profile for sponsors, pacing and structure for the event - as well as that little bit of extra special PufferSphere magic!

Our client said

"The team at Pufferfish were fantastic to work with. Their creativity and flair brought our brand to life in a way that no other technology could, and the overall impact provided a real talking-point for guests."                                                                              Carly Thompson, Events Manager Scottish Renewables

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