Pufferfish x Space4Climate: A Green Story

GREEN Story: Space4Climate

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As Pufferfish goes GREEN for the month of April, we understand more than ever the importance of telling meaningful, honest and truly unforgettable data stories. Join us as we reflect on the Space4Climate group, and their work in the climate change space.

Climate change – we’re all familiar with it. A name that carries huge weight in this day and age, and the name behind effects we’ve all seen in changing seasons, extreme weather conditions, the increase in global temperatures, and the increase in ocean temperatures… to name a few.

But there are key storytellers in the world that are making climate change their responsibility, and their mission, to correct. Scientists and industry heavyweights who truly believe in the power of data visualisation, and in telling stories so potent, they simply must spark positive change.

The Space4Climate group brings together these storytellers. They are ‘dedicated to raising the profile of, and supporting, the UK’s world-leading climate community in delivering, sustaining and making use of trusted climate information from space.’ Combining the powers of members spanning government, industry and academia, the group are doing their part to explore climate change, and the effect on our planet.

Pufferfish are proud members of the S4C group, and regularly support them at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions across the United Kingdom, by visualising their complex data on our PufferTouch2+ solutions in customised applications. By engaging fellow members, visitors, students, academics and other audiences across the corporate sector, together we are able to give a borderless view on significant climate data. And when the world is in your hands, literally, suddenly information is transformed and truly unforgettable.

Join us as we detail our most recent activations supporting the Space4Climate group; and as we coordinate our climate visualisation action ahead of COP26, we felt it was worth showcasing some successful projects exploring out-of-this-world data…

UK Space Conference, Newport

For many of us, the idea of space – of the unknown, silent abyss above us and beyond us – is simply unfathomable. But for those professionals who spend their days studying space, exploring space, analysing earth’s relationship with that silent abyss, and educating us about space and earth observation - these questions form the basis of their scientific expertise. Showcasing technology, global data and satellite innovations, the UK Space Conference is an event dedicated to getting the information we need to truly understand our universe.

Pufferfish were on stand with the brilliant teams at NCEO and Space4Climate in 2019, and took great pride in aiding the engagement with, and education surrounding, earth observation and complex global data. It was great to see such positive engagement with our PufferTouch2+ solution overall, and with the wider subject of climate change and our environment. See a detailed Lab on this conference here.

EMEX, London

EMEX is an Energy Management Exhibition, and brings together the leading minds in the energy sector from around the world. Focusing on how to create a low carbon, sustainable world, Space4Climate were able to be part of the conversation on HOW this sustainable world can be achieved.

Having connected with professionals from energy companies, wealth management firms, schools and colleges, corporate consultancies and more, the exhibition ensured the environment and green energy took centre stage. By transforming complex global data surrounding this topic from the Space4Climate group, we were able to engage with the minds that will ultimately have a hand in crafting what this sustainable future looks like.

FutureBuild, London

As the FutureBuild slogan states; “The responsibility for tackling the climate emergency lies in all of our hands, and we must collaborate in order to find solutions to secure our future.” We simply couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

With the construction sector being one of the busiest in the world, FutureBuild is an annual exhibition that brings together the leading minds in the construction and property sectors. This year’s theme was clear – ‘Responding to the Emergency’. The key conversations being had surrounded how this sector, steeped in tradition, could learn to innovate and consider environmentally friendly building techniques, and honour the net-zero carbon promises of the government.

‘Supporting the Space4Climate group, our PufferTouch2+ was on stand throughout the event showcasing complex global data surrounding four key topics: ocean, land, atmosphere and cryosphere. Forming part of the Arena which hosted talks about the environment, our custom globe application formed a strong backdrop to discussions we were proud to witness.’ See a detailed run down of this event here.

As the United Kingdom gears up for COP26 in Glasgow, there is no better time than now to address climate change, environmental commitments, and to discuss how we can minimise our human impact on the planet.

If our goal is to live in a net-zero carbon world, how do we get there? If the goal is to honour our planet, where do we go from here? And with the expertise of the Space4Climate community, these answers can be found through meaningful, honest global data stories.

For more on the Space4Climate group, see their website here.

To discuss COP26 and how we can work together – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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