Pufferfish x GSI: A GREEN STORY


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As we near the end of our GREEN month, we want to shine a light on another past project that feeds into sustainable and environmentally focussed messaging. This time in the realm of earth observation, AI, and with ‘deep roots in environmental sciences’, with the experts at Global Surface Intelligence (GSI).


Edinburgh-based machine learning and predictive analysis experts Global Surface Intelligence have a revolutionary process for combining satellite information with big data analysis, which transforms their client’s data into commercially valuable information and provides predictive insights to mitigate risk, reduce costs and bring competitive advantage. With a specialism in forestry and land management and a complex set of USPs, GSI approached Pufferfish to help them tell their story in a clear intuitive way in an exhibition environment where they wanted to be sure they could grab attention and gain traction.


Pufferfish worked closely with GSI’s own experts in order to understand the different streams of the business, the technology and expertise underlying the services and the key value propositions for each distinct application. Having established the processes involved in each, we crafted 6 simple narratives covering the central technology platform and core service offerings. Each narrative was designed to be short and to the point, keeping specialist terminology minimal. Explainer text was refined to get the word count as low as possible, breaking each story into easy chunks and complimenting them with motion graphics to underscore the messages.

Delivering impact in a brightly lit exhibition space always requires thought and planning, so Pufferfish focused the look and feel of the content on the brand colours and applied them with an attention to maximising contrast and impact in the elements across the app. Text was required for the application, but was implemented as high contrast write-ons, giving a sense of dynamism and pace to each piece, leading the viewer through each product.

Summary of outcomes

Playing to the natural strengths of the spherical shape, GSI’s global carbon maps were displayed as the background to the main services menu, whilst an additional hot spot offered options to overlay present and future project locations around the globe. Videos repeated 3 times around the circumference of the sphere in order that it would be visible by all parties viewing the sphere, leaving GSI’s staff able to engage on the topic at hand.

The resulting PufferTouch 600 activation proved punchy and vibrant, drawing a crowd to the exhibition space and delivering effortless overviews of a complex set of offerings in a way that made the value of GSI’s services clear for all to see.


"In addition to the volume of visitors that were attracted to the booth, the PufferTouch opened up conversations around our products and services. The bespoke application that was developed for us really aided understanding of what our system helps our clients to achieve.

We really enjoyed working with the Pufferfish team. Even with quite a short lead time they were professional, efficient and hands on, from helping us to develop concepts, all the way through to the end of the show.  The PufferTouch exceeded our expectations, creating a striking presence and a whole new level of engagement for us.“ - Global Surface Intelligence

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