Flux Lounge Re-Launch

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When it comes to experiential tech, the limits are endless. Pufferfish are huge enthusiasts when it comes to innovative, immersive experiences, so when Engage Works approached us for the re-launch of Flux Lounge - a space dedicated to innovative, experiential tech - we knew it would be electrifying.

At Pufferfish, we’re all about creating dynamic, engaging experiences and have a long history of supporting our partners across the world in their innovative endeavours. So when the opportunity to support Engage Works for the re-launch of Flux Lounge came about, we knew it would be another good opportunity to create strong foundations with our London partners.

Flux Lounge is an exclusive hub for world leading technologies to present to businesses, and showcase how they can use those technologies to their advantage. Having had the opportunity to experience all the tech within the lounge first hand (I know, VIP!), we got to witness VR, AR, LED interactive tiles, even a robotic arm, all under the one roof. It’s a truly inspiring environment, and anything that is dedicated to drawing people together and creating seamlessly immersive experiences with world-leading tech has our support.

Pufferfish innovate, create and curate shared experiences, and we love that our PufferTouch2+ solution delivers engaging conversational experiences, and what better way to enhance that further than by teaming up with Igloo Vision. Leaders in immersive 3D projection domes and cylinders, with clients such as Ford, Adidas, Vodafone, Sky and Siemens (just to name a few), Igloo are a powerhouse in the immersive tech game.

An Igloo immersive space opens up new vistas for VR experiences. They create environments that thrill all the senses and they take away the need for a single user experience, instead entertaining anywhere between 5, 15 or 500 people. The solitary experience of wearing a headset and shutting out the real world no longer presents a barrier – win win! This is exactly how our PufferTouch2+  produces such collaborative experiences too. Our technology engages users, stimulates conversation, and creates an open environment where reactions can be gauged, eye contact made and memories shared.

For the re-launch of Flux Lounge, we wanted to leave guests wanting more and create a really strong impression of innovation. We needed WOW-factor! To create this effect, we combined the PufferTouch2+ and Igloo’s whopping 5 meter long cylinder screen for the 2 day event. We then built an intuitive application that allowed our PufferTouch2+ to act as a controller for the immersive zone. By combining our powers, we were able to not just immerse guests, but engage, thrill, excite, and impress them. The Pufferfish and Igloo co-branded app used a mandala menu to toggle on and off various data sets, including global weather data, land temperature and time zones. The app also incorporated interactive hotspots across the world that triggered video content across both the sphere and on the Igloo screen.

The content showcased in the integration was mind-boggling, 360° videos created by Observatory London, a team of London based visual innovators. Their rich portfolio of immersive content and strong understanding of the 360° space, meant there was a comprehensive set of stunning media at the disposal of Pufferfish and Igloo Vision.

The result was a cohesive, engaging environment that not only immersed guests at the re-launch, but also thrilled their senses. We ensured conversation was had, gasps were heard (the good kind), and memories were made. No solitary enjoyment here - we stand for shared experiences, and plenty of them!

What does this kind of immersive environment deliver? The ability to suspend reality.

We create portals to new dimensions, new realities, new creative spaces that harness the uniqueness of our technology. And in doing so, we make the separation between virtual realities and our reality, seamless.

There is immense power in sharing these experiences, and when these collisions of real and virtual combine, the human connection makes it incredibly potent. It's unlike other consumer grade experiences, and we know we're harnessing something truly unique and breathtaking.

Through Engage Works and Flux Lounge pushing the boundaries of experiential technology, and seeing it all come together in one flexible space, these kinds of experience are able to be enjoyed and expanded upon. So thank you to their teams for drawing us in, and allowing us to experiment with our tech in such an inspiring environment.

We were delighted to have finally been able to collaborate with the Igloo Vision team, and can’t wait to see what we can create together next. Who knows, maybe it’ll be in a 360° dome? We were also thrilled to meet the Observatory London team and are already partnering with them on some 360° apps - so watch this space.

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