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When Dan Marcolina of Marcolina Design was approached by Evidera and asked to put together an intuitive tool for allowing an exhibition audience to browse and explore their Evalytica product and service range, he wanted to create something that lived up to his central mission to deliver good design through moving the audience. He wanted to create a digital object in a spherical form that offered a simple and intuitive way for users to engage with key messaging, and the PufferTouch 600 offered a canvas on which to do exactly that.


Working closely with Dan and his team, Pufferfish helped by sharing our understanding of sphere as a conceptual space and how that translates to the reality of a physical projection in a trade show setting. Dan’s team brought with them a strong concept of how the sphere should look and feel, and what the experience of interacting with the spherical surface should be. Pufferfish were able to tweak our internal codebase to accommodate an application build where the majority of the visual effects were built in motion and video format, translating and integrating them with an interactive architecture of hot spot triggers.

Summary of outcomes

The application that Dan and his team developed provided their client with a one of a kind trade show touch experience which served to deliver key messaging about a complex and extensive software product in a clear simple format, with options to skim through top level messaging or dive deeper as the user felt necessary. Pufferfish were pleased to be able to support Dan and his team in realising their vision for the display and helping them to “craft a very effective display that allowed trade-show goers to very organically explore our services.”

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