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When EE turned to experiential event agency 'Communique Live' to help them launch the UK's first 4G mobile offering to business customers across the UK, they were looking to a be delivered seamlessly on-brand experience which engaged potential clients and drove sales at a series of regionally focused events. Pufferfish were delighted to be approached with a request for help and set about thinking about ways to maximise the impact of EE's existing visual marketing assets.


Elevating six existing “flat” marketing videos that EE had already carefully prepared, Pufferfish created a simply branded cover flow for our PufferTouch 600, which transposed the messaging into a self-service totem at the event. Visitors attracted by the magnetism and novel form of the PufferTouch were delighted to discover that it responded to touch, and quickly picked up the intuitive controls, rotating the carousel to view the options and clicking on the videos to view. Videos played back repeated three times around the display to avoid distortion and to ensure that several users could view simultaneously. Headphones were provided to allow users to opt into the experience without having sound disrupt the rest of the space.

Summary of outcomes

Building custom enclosures for the events, the team at Pufferfish worked closely with the organisers to ensure the installation was perfectly in line with the brand, setting off the space and adding a sense of technical magic to an already immaculately themed space. After two successful events, we were thrilled to hear that the team at EE were so pleased with the display that they used it once more at the Telegraph Festival of Business event in London the following week.

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