Brno Observatory and Planetarium

Science Communications, Visitor Attractions

Bringing visitors face-to-face with the planets of the Solar System, this installation couples impact with education to deliver an unforgettable experience.


Czech projection specialists Nowatron Elektronik approached Pufferfish to help conceive and fabricate a special display for the new “Natural Exploratorium” to be developed as part of the renovation and expansion of Brno Observatory and Planetarium.
Looking for a large-scale spherical projection that could be ceiling mounted in a space with limited headroom, it was to be used to give guests tours of the 'Exploratorium' space. The sphere would need to enable guides to select and control the content, which would be a mixture of earth datasets and planet topographies focused on the Solar System.


Giving consideration to the available space and lighting environment Pufferfish proposed a 1200mm PufferSphere acrylic display incorporating a Barco F32 projector. This solution offered a powerful 8,000-lumen output with a small footprint and when coupled with Pufferfish’s custom-built mounting solution, allowed the sphere to sit at the ideal height for maximum impact. We also developed a bespoke content delivery system to enable Brno to display a broad range of datasets for planetary textures and earth-observation animations, which could be selected on demand by the guides conducting visitors through the Exploratorium.

Summary of outcomes

The PufferSphere 1200 creates a stunning centrepiece within the Natural Exploratorium space, delivering the visual impact and statement the client was looking for. However, the complete Pufferfish solution delivers more than just an eye-catching centrepiece, it supports the Planetarium’s aim of delivering educational experiences and harnesses the passion and knowledge of their staff. The result provides an engaging and illuminating planetary display space for visitors to sit and enjoy a theatre-in-the-round experience and guides can bring them face-to-face with the planets of the Solar System.

What our clients said

“Using Pufferfish's unique solutions has enabled Nowatron to be involved in exclusive projects. Adaptable to their customers' needs, the team offered great technical support and thanks to their professional and open attitude we were able to guarantee high-quality execution of the project.”  - Petr Valehrach, Nowatron

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