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Constructing a new flagship headquarters, complete with museum and art gallery, the Central Bank of Malaysia were looking for an eye-catching centrepiece befitting their stunning new home. Not only did they need a statement piece to intrigue and excite visitors, Bank Negara Malaysia had a remit to inform and engage, and saw the clear opportunities presented by the unique shape of the PufferSphere to tell the global story of Islamic finance in an intuitive and absorbing manner.


Topping off a stunning exhibition space, Pufferfish helped Bank Negara Malaysia achieve their ambition to wow visitors by realising a physically imposing digital globe in a restricted height area. Utilising a compact and powerful projector in combination with a high contrast projection surface in a hanging orientation, the PufferSphere 1500 display was given the space to breathe and glow by a sympathetic and well-planned lighting design.

The deployment of a customised tablet control system opened up the ability for visitors to explore the world of Islamic finance through an elegant low profile interface. Pufferfish enabled users to rotate the floating globe by swiping their finger across a scrollable world map, they were then able to touch into hotspot locations around the world triggering full sphere video focuses on specific regions and their financial practices. The software was developed with open hooks to allow the institution to review, update and add new stories and areas of interest to the globe and the touch screen, making for a flexible solution that would keep pace with a dynamic global marketplace.

Summary of outcomes

Through this powerful and grand user-driven experience guests were intuitively able to gain insights into Islamic financial systems around the globe, increasing understand how these systems differ to other banking structures and the role that BNM continue to play in influencing global economic practice.

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