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Synonymous with ultra-reliable engineering excellence, Babcock is at the forefront of precise engineering support services. When their communications division was looking to ways to deliver key messaging about their array of ground-breaking solutions in a busy trade show environment, they knew they needed something which would not only draw a crowd but provide a comprehensive and flexible pitching tool.

Developing a concept pitched by the team at Real Creative Marketing, the in-house software programming team from Pufferfish worked closely with both Babcock and Real Creative Marketing to build and deliver our most complex multi-layered application to date. Designed to make an impact at the world’s leading defence and security show, the PufferTouch was crafted into an advanced interactive globe with core technologies discoverable below an array of animated hot spots. On opening the team at RCM build impressive animated zooms from space to street level to finesse the experience.


A specially designed attract state with built-in interactive distractors allowed the sales team manning the stand to leave the display to do what it does best, attract gazes from across the aisle and draw inquisitive visitors onto the stand. Once the guests had been drawn in the salespeople could access the main presentation with a concealed button. The carefully defined structure included customised welcome messaging to make the delegates from different nations states feel valued and expected.

Summary of outcomes

The display proved to be a great success at the show and was used to entertain and inform foreign ministers and dignitaries from around the world as well as initiate and facilitate valuable conversations with potential new clients. A huge thank you goes to Roger from Real Creative Marketing who elevated the whole experience with his attention to structure and exceptional content.

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