AXELOS / ITIL 4 Launch

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With AXELOS striving to be the most respected provider of Global Best Practise, they turned to Pufferfish to add a new, engaging dimension of interactive marketing exploration for the launch of ITIL 4 – the latest evolution of the ITIL framework, aimed at improving efficiency and achieving predictable IT enabled service delivery within businesses.


For AXELOS, paving the way in Global Best Practise is second nature. From their inception, they have strived to be a world leader by training and certifying the world’s best IT minds, and the launch of the latest ITIL certification (ITIL 4) was no different.

With the launch party aiming to celebrate those who worked on and worked with ITIL 4, AXELOS wanted to ensure they gave thanks to their inner ITIL circle, and they felt an interactive, digital solution from Pufferfish would be JUST the feature the launch needed.

Having seen the previous interactive range in 2017, the creative events team knew they wanted the latest PufferTouch2+ solution to surprise, entertain and engage their guests, while also giving the ITIL 4 certification a whole new voice in 360°, intuitive content. With London’s skyline as its backdrop, the PufferTouch2+ was sure to make its mark on everyone’s memory.


Our starting point was technology - the Pufferfish solutions draw crowds, stimulate conversation, engage minds, and ensure key brand messaging is not just absorbed but understood and remembered. So for a vibrant launch party that needed to celebrate and really make an impact, we knew our ultra-high definition PufferTouch2+ solution at a 600mm screen size would be the ticket. Allowing for eye contact around the sphere, and with intuitive touch screen capabilities, our high-power projection system was certain to glow in Millbank Tower’s Altitude Bar; even with St Pauls Cathedral as its backdrop.

With a display as magnetic as it is unusual, an easy to use and enjoyable user experience was essential - so intuitive content was imperative. Our Puffershow applications allow users to read through layers of content at their leisure, from infographics to images and videos, and we felt this would allow them to communicate their key messaging in the most effective way. In the case of AXELOS, the app would also support separate user journeys and provide routes for shared experiences. This balance would ultimately create a focal point for the event and set a pace of communications suitable for a social event - one that ensured discussion and comments, and all with the goal to give the ITIL4 marketing a lively, fresh voice for the party.

Being a global brand, AXELOS had a strong visual identity and existing marketing assets. Building on those, we developed dynamic, turnkey animations that matched their existing archive and collaboratively re-purposed them for the sphere through 3D motion graphic additions, the creation of vibrant menus, and transforming their static images to moving animation pieces. In the end, a bespoke Puffershow application was created by the genius of our in-house Developers.

To bring the application to life, our 3D Motion Graphic Wizard Marcus Wheat created video animations that showcased further information relating to ITIL 4, the ITIL training framework, and the transitions from ITIL v3 to ITIL 4. He used their brightly coloured cube images, striking island graphics and key messaging, gave them depth and movement for their 360° context, and even created a linear cityscape graphic that drew itself live on the sphere. Not only was this a way to bring their graphics to life on the sphere, but it was also video content that could be re-used for future activities communicating this key messaging.


Live entertainment at the event included alcoholic bubbles, flavoured edible mist, a suave magician, and a digital caricature artist – and amongst it all, our PufferTouch2+ stood out as a centre piece of the party. An eye-catching, engaging, and fun 3D exploration of the ITIL 4 launch in ultra-high definition quality, and a strong digital campfire for guests to play, watch, explore, and discuss over drinks.

For a launch party where the key messaging was around improvements, upskilling, and the ever-developing IT sector, the intuitive Puffershow application allowed those who are experts in their field the opportunity to see their work in a new light. And shining 29 storeys above London’s skyline, the PufferTouch2+ did what it promised and more – it came, it projected, it conquered.

We must say thank you to AXELOS for their support, and we hope to work with them again soon. We’re proud to be part of their Global Best Practise dominance!

See their website for more information on ITIL 4 and other certifications they offer.

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