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Almost half a million people attended events over 11 days as ‘Tribeca Film Festival’ kicked off again for 2016 and the PufferTouch was at the heart of the action.


As Tribeca Presenting Sponsor, AT&T was committed to supporting the art of filmmaking through access and innovation, aiming to make it the most interactive film festival anywhere. The U.S. mobile giant wanted visitors to experience the festival in ways they never imagined. In this spirit, AT&T teamed up with Pufferfish to create an installation using ground-breaking technology at the Festival Hub.


As a unique native display medium for 360° content, the PufferTouch has an automatic advantage in the showcasing of 360° media in public spaces. The full spherical screen not only fits 360° camera footage effortlessly through Pufferfish’s core PufferPlay software, but also allows multiple viewers to experience the content at the same time, while manipulating images and video and taking interactive journeys through the content. Unlike a VR headset, which unarguably offers an epic immersive experience for the single user, the PufferTouch uniquely places that same content out on show in the middle of a space, inviting multiple viewers into the action and creating shared experiences.

For Tribeca and the mighty AT&T, Pufferfish went one further than simply offering a native window for the display of an array of stunning VR content, we brought the experience to life in a way that no other spherical display can, opening up on-sphere touch control for guests to select and rotate the content on the sphere. Underscoring the remarkable nature of the native 360° format and the unique set of opportunities and demands it offers film makers, the PufferTouch activation brought the joy of exploration and the delight of the unexpected to this most modern of media exhibits.


Open throughout the festival, over 11 days in New York, the hub offered not just a glimpse into the future of the rapidly changing world of storytelling, but a chance to grab hold of it and understand its full potential. The PufferTouch 600 was aptly placed in a space with virtual reality, interactive installations, films, TV, and talks with the best storytellers in the world. Delivering 360° digital storytelling through a unique sculptural form, the PufferTouch system enthralled filmmakers and fans alike with stunning visuals and on-sphere touch.

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