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The PufferTouch was teamed with an innovative new 360° technology for a mind blowing experience.


360° video has been a hot topic for quite some time now. With the world’s biggest brands clamouring to include cutting-edge 360° video in their portfolio, technology companies across the globe are racing against each other to produce the most powerful 360° camera for the consumer market. There’s no doubt that the technology is getting better by the day, but the post-production ‘stitch’ remains cumbersome and a high-quality live stream capability has become the holy grail for producers.

Step in Argon Design with Argon 360°, offering real-time stitching, making it possible to create products with a compact battery, producing a single output file which can be instantly viewed or uploaded. Looking for the perfect display to demonstrate their cutting-edge product at NAB in Las Vegas and IBC Amsterdam, the Cambridge-based company reached out to Pufferfish.

All Pufferfish displays are native 360° monitors, offering a complete view of 360° images and video. Not only does the PufferTouch provide an innovative gateway into virtual reality experiences but add the ability to touch and move the media and it becomes transformed into a playful user experience.


For this reason the PufferTouch 600mm was the best solution for Argon’s needs. Mobile and easily unpacked and installed, this was also the best option to give users a full view of the seamless stitch around, over and above the display.  A bespoke set up was created to allow Argon to plug in to the sphere and use their 360° camera rig to provide an entirely unique installation. The 600mm screen also allowed for the best brightness and resolution within the challenging environment of IBC's Future Zone, where low level lighting made it difficult to capture a bright image.

Summary of outcomes

Visitors at both shows were mesmerised by the display and overawed at the ability to see their own image displayed live on the sphere as they touched and interacted with it. Like a hall of mirrors, the resulting image repeated on the display into infinity and proved endlessly entertaining to the show attendees. A roaring success, the display proved to have a magnetic draw at both NAB in Las Vegas and IBC in Amsterdam and was even featured on BBC’s Click programme when the producers encountered it at IBC in Amsterdam and were blown away by the technology.

What our client said

“Using a PufferTouch was a superb way of showing our live 360 stitching and was a huge success - so much more of a sharing experience for VR than a head mounted display.”  - Clifford Dive, Argon Design

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