ANIMA: Created by Nick Verstand and onformative. Sound Design/Music by Geert Schaap.

At Pufferfish, the calibre of clients we’re associated with is really important to us. We’ve always taken great pride in working with global partners whose visionary ideals push boundaries; and if those align with our commitment to creative flair and innovation, well that’s the sweet spot.

Imagine our enthusiasm then when our relationship with San Diego’s, Wonderspaces began. An art gallery dedicated to the belief that art can bring people together; to creating shared experiences, to ensuring art is accessible to all, and all while stimulating the senses with modern, ground-breaking artwork from some of the world’s leading artists.

Their commitment to finding, showcasing and supporting ‘accessible, extraordinary, unique and high production-value’ art is seeing an exciting increase in interest across the whole of the United States, and internationally. With their latest exhibition in common exploring the work of 13 innovative artists, including that of the internationally acclaimed ANIMA by Artist Nick Verstand and onformative, and featuring our eye-catching technology. We’re thrilled to continue our modern art journey through the genius of ANIMA, and showcase our state-of-the-art PufferSphere® solution.

[Photo Credit: Experiment 2.C by Dan Goods & David Delgado, Photographer: Victor Ren]

in common is an exhibition exploring the theme of human connection, our ability to empathise, and how we as humans are linked. It ‘points to a few fundamental questions: how are we shaped by our experiences, environments, and relationships?  While appreciating the uniqueness of our individual journeys, the thirteen pieces focus on the questions we all have. They highlight our connectivity, pushing us to better understand those around us and helping us be better understood.’

No surprise then that Wonderspaces felt ANIMA would resonate with their audiences and echo these themes, as its purpose is to shine a light on communication between humans and Artificial Intelligence; and all while pushing the boundaries of sensory art: “Investigating how we emotionally relate to a digital being. In order to better understand this relationship, we created ANIMA: a spherical digital entity that communicates with us by interpreting our body movements and sounds. A generative being that comes to life through interaction.” (Nick Verstand)

[Photo Credit: We Are All Made of Light by Maja Petric, Wonderspaces]

While this production started in the context of dance and movement, it’s thrilling to see it now join a wider exploration of sensory art at Wonderspaces. Art that stimulates sight, sound, and pushes us to feel. What will the future see with technological developments, how will we as humans therefore develop, what will Artificial Intelligence do to help or harm us, how do we as humans perceive AI, what will that relationship look like – all very relevant and very important questions that force us to consider the connections we hold.

For more on ANIMA’s exceptional concept and execution, see our website here.

[Photo Credit: ANIMA by Nick Verstand and onformative, Wonderspaces]

In the words of Creative Director, Kendall Warson the exhibition; “Is truly for everyone. All ages and backgrounds, families and friends - we want art to be accessible to everyone. And it’s been so rewarding to see the exhibit appeal to such a large audience.” So far this summer in common has seen 70,000 people through its doors, including people from every single state in the US. A sign of just how meaningful its themes are, and how important it is to showcase modern art that can speak to broad audiences.

If you find yourself in San Diego, Arizona, Philadelphia or Texas over the coming months, make sure you keep an eye on the Wonderspaces website, as the show will be travelling across the United States. They’re continuing their pursuit of making art accessible to all and mobility is a key aspect of this, with the show taking on 3-5month showings in each location.

[Photo Credit: Harmony of Spheres by Foo/Skou, Wonderspaces]

What’s next for Wonderspaces? With the final days of in common coming up in San Diego, their eyes are firmly set on the horizon of modern art and continuing their support of local and international artists. Whether that be performance-based art, venue-based art, or continuing their championing of artists with residency programmes, and pioneering partnerships; they want to grow their mission throughout the country and ensure art is seen by all, shared by all, and understood by all.

With that vision comes a growing team. So if you want to join them on their journey to artistic discovery (and who wouldn't?!), see their careers page. Opportunities are available across their LA, Philadelphia and Austin teams.

[Photo Credit: Rainbow Rooms by Pierre le Riche, Photographer:]

Thank you to Kendall Warson from Wonderspaces for her collaboration on this article, and thank you as always to the ANIMA team - Nick Verstand and onformative. Pufferfish are proud to partner with such visionary, cutting-edge professionals, and look forward to what the future will bring for modern art, tech, and audiences around the world.

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[Photo Credit: ANIMA by Nick Verstand and onformative, Wonderspaces]

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