Introducing the world’s first mobile, touch enabled spherical display solution. The PufferTouch2+ Mobile.

Following the global success of the most state-of-the-art, touch enabled spherical display in the world, our PufferTouch2+; Pufferfish are proud to announce the release of the PufferTouch2+ Mobile.

Featuring our world leading laser projection technology, intuitive touch capabilities, durable acrylic screen, and a sleek, stylish new enclosure; the latest in our PufferTouch® range promises to further strengthen our commitment to deeper engagement, potent storytelling and taking communication to new heights… and now, new locations!

With its new lightweight enclosure, wheels, handles for lifting, levelling foot and a new quick lock screen – even Puffer Wifi, this solution is the first mobile unit of its kind, and will ensure your stories can be told across multiple locations to multiple audiences.

Features Include

  • Ultra-bright 12,000 Lumen projection

  • New Lightweight Enclosure

  • Puffer Wifi

  • Compatible Flight Case

  • Multi-touch screen control

  • Bundled set of applications

  • Full Network Support

  • Integrated Audio

There is no limit to the magnitude of the stories you can tell on our solutions, and now there is no limit to the indoor location of which you can tell them. Gather round!

Get in touch for pricing information and technical specifications, and our expert team will ensure you’re in good hands. Wheelie good hands indeed…

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