“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” - Seth Godin



Pufferfish make digital real, and believe in the strength, potency and emotional impact of data visualisation through compelling, instinctive interfaces. Wake realises this passion in a web-based platform for the first time, opening up our capabilities in customer experience and sensory storytelling to the widest possible audiences.

Wake's 3D browser window enhances UX and explores "gamification". It offers sweeping camera angles and intuitive navigation as you move around the globe and between datasets. It brings something of value to the individual - richer, and more engrossing than any other virtual globe product on the market. 

The Why

We are focused on a fluid experience, intended for 1, 5 or 10 min interaction sessions. For us, the emphasis is firmly placed on dynamic motion and graphics, on the interaction between 2D/3D graphs, infographics, and the larger global picture. We then use our knowledge and experience to link these things through time (scrolling controllers), interactive hotspots, and popup windows. We also customize Wake to suit your brand identity. Whilst we build universal functions and physics, the elements within a Wake application are editable, and can be skinned in the story owners brand identity. [Data set shown is: Phytoplankton Species, NASA/JPL]

Wake in more Detail

Wake brings together most of the powerful aspects of our existing global interfaces, and blends them with the flexibility of a web-based platform to deliver light-weight, scalable tools for telling global stories.

From 360° media to motion graphics and customised content, Wake stimulates the fascination of user-led exploration.

[Data set shown is: Ocean Salinity (psu), DKRZ]

Benefits Include:

  • Embeddable as a widget in your website, or other web locations

  • Maximise reach with global access

  • Incorporate into responsive web designs

  • Streaming HD and 4k Video

  • Compelling data visualisation

  • Optimised UI for client platform, e.g. desktop, tablet, phone

Future Benefits:

  • Re-use existing brand and web assets

  • Data visualisation

  • Customisable UI for self editing and publishing

  • Off-globe takeaways for education and outreach

  • Local hosting possibilities

  • Analytics UI within platform


To get a personalised demonstration of Wake, and see how you can utilise this intuitive geo-spatial tool to transform your communications, get in touch with a Pufferfish representative. Also, follow us on socials for all the latest updates and media releases.

It's time to aWAKEn the senses!

[Data set shown is: Population Density 2020]

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