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Pufferfish make digital real. We believe in the strength, potency and emotional impact of data visualisation through compelling, instinctive interfaces. Wake realises this passion in a web-based platform for the first time; opening up our capabilities in customer experience and sensory storytelling to the widest possible audience.

Wake tells stories of connections, communities, and the people that make up our dynamic world.

It facilitates spatial understanding of the processes affecting each and every one of us.

Wake brings together most of the powerful aspects of our existing global interfaces, and blends them with the flexibility of a web-based platform to deliver a lightweight, scalable tool for telling global stories.

After all, it takes a lot to make our world. Perspective is everything!

Benefits Include:

  • Embeddable in your website, or other web locations

  • Maximise reach with global access

  • Compelling data visualisation

  • Intuitive narrative structure

  • Breath-taking graphics

  • Optimised for a range of platforms, e.g. desktop, tablet, phone

Complementing our established universe of solutions, Wake can be integrated across a range of touch-points both in physical and virtual spaces; and delivers a powerful connection between statement spaces, remote stakeholders and distributed communities.

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Wake: Transformative Global Solutions.

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