We offer a range of software solutions, designed to make updating and managing your PufferSphere® and PufferTouch® display as simple as possible.Ease of use is always at the forefront of our display technology. We give you the tools you need to realise your vision, we give you expertise and consultancy services, and our software solutions and services are just as intuitive and user-friendly as our technology.

Software Tools

Every Pufferfish display comes with a software package, empowering you to create engaging interactive applications. Whether it be App Builder for our PufferTouch® range or Presenter for our large format PufferSphere® range, we give you the tools to create powerful applications.

The options are endless. See more on our software offering below!

Application Builder

Application Builder is a highly intuitive software that offers clear pathways for you to create your own interactive content for our PufferTouch® displays. Whether it be showcasing global data, transforming visual media, layering assets, adding interactive hotspots or creating menus and filters, App Builder gives you the freedom to create and tell the stories you want!

You can see more on App Builder here, and speak to a member of our team about using this tool here.


When you have the need to deliver live presentations, user-guided exploration and/or simple timed-experiences, ourPresenter software gives you full control; and puts powerful content creation at your fingertips.

Creating unforgettable presentations has never been easier with our drag-and drop builder, add crib notes and deliver talks from any browser-enabled device. Bring compelling stories and key messaging to your visitors, or customise auto playback and set schedules for theatre experiences. See more on Presenter here, and speak to a member of our team about using this solution here.


Our operating system, PufferConsole, offers simple access and efficient workflows for content and system management. Access PufferConsole from any networked browser window by phone, tablet or PC to select and manage your applications and access controls and settings for optimum operation, service and maintenance.


Our foundation software, PufferPlay allows you to create playlists for the playback of video content or image slideshows on our displays. PufferPlay supports native 'full sphere' 360° media, 2:1 map images and video, as well as offering automatic settings for the windowing and tiling of 16:9 aspect (standard) video content. Live screen capture can also be supported via an external capture card.

PufferPrime API

For advanced development and integration, PufferPrime API provides full code-based routes to call functions on the sphere, integrate client applications, networked endpoints and external logics. With working examples in C# and comprehensive documentation, the PufferPrime API is designed to handle all the time-consuming sphere specific work, leaving you free to develop creatively. Speak to a Pufferfish representative about this in more detail, here.

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