Utilise our powerful software to create powerful experiences. Ease of use is always at the forefront of our display technology. The ever-increasing power behind our unique display technology is the software designed to make updating and managing your PufferTouch system as simple as possible.

Software packages

Standard - Each PufferTouch display comes with a standard software package empowering you to create engaging interactive applications.

Premium - Our premium packages extend the software power to allow for the creation of even more detailed stories and the integration of live data sources.


Our core PufferConsole browser interface gives you console control of your Pufferfish system. Access on any browser window by phone, tablet or PC.

PufferConsole allows you to manage your apps, giving control over displayed content as well as allowing you to access controls and settings for optimum operation, service and maintenance.


Our foundation software PufferPlay allows you to create and curate playlists for the playback of video content or image slideshows. Get started with stunning pre-loaded 360° content or easily add your own content via the PufferConsole interface.

PufferPlay supports 'full sphere' 360° media as well as 'wrapped' 2:1 images and video and even standard 16:9 flat content, which can be 'windowed' around the sphere surface multiple times.


Showcase your global data in its most intuitive format, a digital globe. PufferEarth allows you to create engaging interactive applications with global data points.

With preloaded maps and a selection of data visualisations, build custom applications with menu interfaces allowing for different layers of base map. Create expandable windows for the inclusion of media to your customisable pins. Enhance your custom globe application by accessing live data sources, to track your assets around the earth in real time.


Create a compelling story around your key messages using PufferShow. Showcase your company, brand, products or assets in an interactive magazine application.

Utilise carousels and vivid backgrounds; link to text, image or video content and create intuitive layers to allow users to explore your messaging. With PufferShow you can create a captivating, themed user journey, unlike any traditional brochure.


Boost the engagement power of your application by integrating game functions for single or multiple players with PufferGames. Create quizzes, add point scoring and competitive elements to combine learning with fun, increase interaction, gather feedback, test outcomes and leave users with a positive experience.

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