PufferTouch® Range

  • Includes our PufferTouch™3 PufferTouch™3+, PufferTouch™2 and PufferTouch™2+
  • Simple, portable, robust full 360° display
  • Exclusive on-sphere touch interactivity
  • Resolutions up to 4K Ultra-high definition
  • Screen sizes range from 600 to 900mm
  • Options for integrated audio
  • The PufferTouch™3 comes complete with a bundled set of applications so you can be up and running in minutes

PufferSphere® Range

  • Single projector spherical displays
  • Acrylic screens: 1200 - 1500mm diameter
  • Flexible projector options, high-quality optics; maximum performance
  • Orientate to suit your design
  • Integrated Presenter software with routes for interactivity as standard

PufferSphere Pro Range

  • Inflatable screens up to 3500mm diameter
  • Ground standing or inverted
  • Compatible with a range of large-venue projectors
  • Lightweight modular frame assembly
  • Flat-pack or quick-rig flight case options

We provide our systems with core software to maximise the possibilities open to you in terms of the content that you can deploy on your display. All systems come ready loaded with core firmware that allows you to access and control your system through a browser-based interface.

Our software supports easy media workflows and extends routes for interactivity across all our systems. Our team will help you to define the tools and workflows that are the best fit for your solution.
We provide a full suite of software services, from developer tools to turnkey customisation and everything in between. Our team are always happy to help you take your vision and turn it into reality.

Pufferfish have unparalleled expertise in the development of spherical content and applications. We provide a range of content development services focused on our spherical projection systems, bringing your story to life using data, motion, video and code. We offer services tailored to your needs, expertise, existing assets, timelines and budgets.

  • Turnkey content services
  • Specialist data and GIS integrations
  • Effective usage of existing visual assets
  • Consultancy, co-working and support
  • Growing content library
  • From discovery to delivery, we translate your story to the sphere
  • Content tuned for maximal impact on your display
  • Explore new dimensions for existing visual content
  • Tailored services to fit your skillsets, systems and workflows
  • Simple routes to keep your display fresh and relevant