Our universe of solutions are tailored to your needs; combining extraordinary form, magnetic appeal and unique interactivity, to tell your stories like never before.

Alongside our PufferSphere® and PufferTouch® solutions, and our captivating web-tool Wake, we provide discovery and design consultancy, content creation services and tailored data visualisation. We deliver insight and put the world at your finger-tips.

We make digital real.

  1. Understanding

    We start at the beginning; by first seeking to understand the story that you want to tell. We discover your needs, not simply to create experiences but to turn problems into opportunities and open up new possibilities in engagement with your audience.

  2. Spherical Displays

    We develop concepts for how your audience will engage and interact with your story, setting these ideas in the context of the physical hardware most appropriate for your setting. We find the right solution to make sure you capture attention through the digital fog.

  3. Software

    Balancing scope, complexity, usability and budget, we define the software required to support your narrative. From off-the-shelf and custom build through to DIY developer tools, we can suggest routes to meet your needs.

  4. Content

    Our content team bring your story to life in video, motion-graphics, animation and code with reviews and feedback along the way. We also have a growing library of off-the-shelf content that may meet your needs.

  5. Production

    Our professional production team pull together all the different elements of your solution, co-ordinating hardware assembly, content build and the logistical planning to ensure a smooth dispatch and delivery.

  6. Services

    Our service packages can cover anything from installation, training and warranty extensions, to on-going managed content and support packages; we want you to get the most from your display.

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