PufferTouch® Range

  • Includes our PufferTouch2, PufferTouch2+, and our PufferTouch2+ Mobile solutions
  • Simple, portable, robust full 360° display
  • Exclusive on-sphere touch interactivity
  • Resolutions up to 4K Ultra-high definition
  • Choose between 600 or 760mm screen sizes
  • Options for integrated audio
  • Bundled set of applications

Why a PufferTouch® Display?

  • Powerful display for brighter environments
  • Magnetic display medium with proven draw
  • Create memorable interactive user journeys
  • Place your story at the heart of face-to-face conversations
  • Maximum impact: minimal footprint
  • Temporary and permanent installations

The PufferTouch® range combines on-sphere touch interactivity with traffic-stopping visuals. With powerful software integrations and cutting-edge projection technology, our displays make the most engaging medium for your key messages.


This product range is fully certified in the EU, Japan and the United States:



Create a water cooler moment with the vivid display to generate face-to-face engagement, putting your content at the heart of conversations with guest, clients and staff.

The portable and photogenic PufferTouch® range works hard for you across a range of spaces. Turn your audience into ambassadors with a striking visual impact that generates sharing, increasing your reach and engaging online followers.

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