PufferSphere Pro Range

  • Inflatable screens up to 3500mm diameter
  • Ground standing or inverted
  • Compatible with a range of large-venue projectors
  • Lightweight modular frame assembly
  • Flat-pack or quick-rig flight case options

Why a PufferSphere Pro Display?

  • Capture the attention of the crowd with breathtaking scale
  • Create visually captivating centrepieces
  • Versatile and easily integrated
  • Compact and easy to ship
  • Swap between screen sizes to suit your event

The PufferSphere Pro range constitutes the world’s premier high power, extra large spherical display. Our flexible inflatable display systems allow you to maximize impact across a variety of event spaces with minimum fuss.

Coupled with PufferPlay for easy quick deployment of video content and suitable for integration with a range of media servers for full show control. Swap between projectors and screen sizes to suit different applications, spaces or budgets.

Dream our striking digital canvas into stunning themed focal points, which supercharge your space, cement your theme, set your tone and delight your visitors and guests. The PufferSphere Pro range's magnetic draw and show-stopping visuals create a stunning centrepiece for networking and congregation.

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