Pufferfish displays are easy to use, with our software for spherical projection making them simple to manage and flexible. We provide all of our systems with dedicated software to open the possibilities in terms of the content that you can deploy on your display.


Browser-based control firmware

Simple routes for video compatibility

Powerful solutions for interactivity

Advanced developer tools for integration

Custom application development service


Simple ways to upload, select and manage content

Supports easy use of existing visual assets

Removes complexity; standard graphic workflows

Tried and tested optimised spherical codebase

Spherical expertise as and when you need it


Our core PufferConsole firmware allows you to control your system through a browser-based interface that you can access through your own phone, tablet or PC.  PufferConsole will display information about the content and apps you have loaded on your system, as well as presenting information and functionality for operation, service and maintenance.


PufferPlay is the foundation video playback software bundled with all PufferSphere products. The software offers video playback and management for a range of spherical and standard video formats, including 2:1 and 16:9 aspect ratio assets. PufferPlay+ is included as standard and supports simple integrations with external touch screens via HTML.


Our PufferPrime package transforms the PufferSphere’s surface into a multi-user interactive interface. With a powerful codebase to facilitate quick and easy application development, PufferPrime includes a range of key features useful in building applications for the PufferSphere and a large command list to create custom functions.

PufferPrime API

For more complicated integrations with other systems, our PufferPrime API enables the development of complex touch applications, allows for connection to external systems, and offers maximum flexibility for intricate setups with multiple screens and multiple input devices.

Pufferfish are able to provide consultancy, customisation and turnkey development services as your needs dictate.

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