When Edinburgh’s Royal Observatory opened their doors to the intrigued public, Pufferfish were only too happy to help them wow their visitors with Weird New Worlds.

Pufferfish were delighted to support our hometown stargazers at the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh with their popular open days. Organisers took the public on a journey through the cosmos via multi-media platforms. Enticed by the theme of “Weird New Worlds” over 3000 people joined staff to explore the work of the observatory, the Institute of Astronomy and the UK Astronomy Technology Centre across two days of activities and experiments.

Pufferfish provided a PufferSphere Touch 600 interactive display, with a selection of interactive exhibits allowing guests to explore the surface, topography and composition of planets and moons throughout our solar system. Experts from the observatory were helpfully on hand to guide attendees through the cosmos via the unique platform of the interactive sphere, which delighted and enthralled children and adults alike.

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