You’ve heard the saying, ‘New Year, New Me’. Well at Pufferfish, we see the new year as a chance to explore new innovations. Join us as we talk you through some of our notable innovations launching in 2021.

As we leave 2020 behind and see 2021 awakening, for many of us, the new year has been filled with new goals, new plans, and new innovations for the year ahead.

For Pufferfish, this is very much the case for our world-class product solutions, and our brilliant team.

So, what will 2021 look like for Pufferfish?

We have noted some of our goals for the year ahead, and some exciting innovations that are right around the corner.

Above all else, we hope we can see our clients, followers, customers, international contacts (… and fans!) at an event, trade show or safe gathering sometime in the near future.

But for now, it’s making magic happen from our HQ in Edinburgh.

Launch Wake

A big goal for Q1 of 2021 is launching Wake to the global market. It has been a long time in the making, and is a platform we are truly confident will shift the paradigms of digital storytelling and geospatial data exploration. As Scotland gears up for COP26 later in 2021, we look forward to seeing Wake facilitate important climate change conversations.

Watch this space for more, and make sure to see our solutions tab for more on this transformative solution.

Follow us on social media for more details on our official launch too!

Interstellar goes Multi-Lingual

Our intergalactic hit, Interstellar, will be released in even more languages. This world-renowned application brings science and space engagement to new interactive galaxies, and in 2021 it will be released with multi-language capabilities.

Educating audiences on worlds beyond the stars has never been easier, or more accessible, to our global audiences.

A New Interactive Game: Pop-It

We all deserve some fun and positive stimulation, and Pop-it is the answer! We are working on a new interactive game to be optimised for our physical sphere solutions, along with our digital solution – Wake.

Taking our ‘click & pop’ style interaction used for other popular Pufferfish games, Pop-It is exhilarating and customisable with your brand assets. It’s definitely one to watch… and one to, well click!

A New World Map Quiz: Where on Earth?

While many of us stay at home pining for travel and summer holidays, we will bring travel a bit closer to home. This time in the form of a new interactive quiz! Now, we won’t give much away just yet, as this is one product we are thoroughly looking forward to showing off upon release; but it will be geography focussed, it will be available as a customisable game pack, and will ultimately form a dynamic World Map Quiz.

And that is just the beginning! There is so much we need to keep under wraps for now, but we are feeling optimistic for what 2021 has to bring, including seeing how the new world of hybrid trade shows goes.

For more on our reputable solutions, design solutions, or creative expertise, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Pufferfish representative; and follow us on social media for the latest in technology news, product launches, and more!

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