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Pufferfish believe in making shared experiences, in making truly unforgettable moments and pushing the boundaries of marketing, brand and engagement. We believe in making those moments magical.

In a world dominated by noise, how do we stand out? How do we explore uncharted territory in a world where innovation is expected? How do we find our own voice amongst the competition? And how do we join the ‘lit’ world of magnetic marketing?

At Pufferfish we bridge the gap between chaos and creativity. We believe in bringing people together and in creating shared experiences, so amongst the noise you won’t just stand out, but you’ll be remembered.

Words like innovation and storytelling are integral to marketing, to branding, and to ensuring your name is remembered. But those words go far deeper in a generation where the ‘next big thing’ could be, should be (and let’s face it, probably is) just around the corner. So how can your innovation be explored in new, exciting ways, and how can your storytelling be potent, engaging, and spark conversation?

Whether it be location-based entertainment, Museums, visitor attractions, corporate events, award shows, VIP suites and lounges – our solutions can make your marketing magical, memorable and absolutely ‘lit’.

See some noteworthy favourites (golden nuggets, if you will) where clients have made their marketing magical, and all with our solutions at the helm. In a world where content is king, you too can stand out from the crowd, be heard amongst the noise, transform your storytelling and ensure innovation isn’t just a statement – it’s a promise.

1. Flora&FaunaVisions, Pacha

When it comes to creative innovation and passionate explorations of design - flora&faunavisions are experts.

The Berlin based studio always push the boundaries of stage design, graphics and moving image design; so when Pufferfish had the chance to support them for their summer project at the iconic super club Pacha, we jumped at the opportunity! 

Seeing our PufferSphere Pro dazzle above crowds in Ibiza and hypnotise holiday makers on the party island was brilliant. Our Pro system was part of the Solomun +1 nights with DJ Koze, and glowed as the Solomun Moon above the club ‘transporting crowds to the utopian technoid planet’.

The staging and 360° graphics were thrilling (to say the least), and the DJ line up to top it off for the summer season was one to be reckoned with. It’s yet another example of the brilliant work of Flora&FaunaVisions, and a project we’re really proud to have been part of.

2. UCLAN, The SUN Project

The SUN is one of the most admired stars in our galaxy, but unfortunately its the hardest to study - Distance from Earth and because she’s hot stuff (to name a few!) So when Artistic Director, Alex Rinsler and Professor Robert Walsh of the University of Central Lancashire asked us to offer our expertise for an installation that would form an awe-inspiring feature in the 2019 #lightpool festival – we were very much on board!

The SUN project used our in-house GIS visualisation techniques to project 10 weeks of the Sun's life, presenting NASA SDO imagery like never before. The 7m immersive installation brought home the wonder of our star in spectacular detail. And when combined with audio, live opera and scientific reasoning – the project truly came to life.

Soundscape by Ebe Oke with the voice of Feargal Mostyn Williams. Co-commissioned by the Lightpool Festival and Light Up Lancaster, supported by Arts Council England and STFC. Technical Production from Pufferfish. Creative Team: Production Manager: Netty Miles, Special Effects: matt askey, AV: WarPro

We’re pleased to say we think this activation is just the beginning for our larger format spheres, so watch this space!

3. Engageworks, Flux Lounge

When it comes to experiential tech, the limits are endless. Pufferfish are huge enthusiasts when it comes to innovative, immersive experiences, so when Engage Works approached us for the re-launch of Flux Lounge - a space dedicated to innovative, experiential tech - we knew it would be electrifying.

We love to innovate, create and curate shared experiences, and we love that our PufferTouch2+ solution delivers engaging conversational experiences, and what better way to enhance that further than by teaming up with Igloo Vision. Leaders in immersive 3D projection domes and cylinders, with clients such as Ford, Adidas, Vodafone, Sky and Siemens (just to name a few), Igloo are a powerhouse in the immersive tech game.

For the re-launch of Flux Lounge, we wanted to leave guests wanting more and create a really strong impression of innovation. We needed WOW-factor! To create this effect, we combined the PufferTouch2+ and Igloo’s whopping 5-meter-long cylinder screen for the 2-day event. We then built an intuitive application that allowed our PufferTouch2+ to act as a controller for the immersive zone.

By combining our powers, we were able to not just immerse guests, but engage, thrill, excite, and impress them. Not to mention incorporating incredible 360° graphics by the experts at Observatory London too! The images and videos from this event show how the magic came together, and it’s definitely a firm favourite of ours.

4. Wood, Art of the Possible

When projects come about that are dedicated to ingenuity, innovation and to making art possible – we stand up and listen. We strive to align ourselves with global organisations that are dedicated to evolving, developing, and in the words of Wood: ‘never standing still’.

Having recently had such a mammoth re-branding, Wood wanted to showcase their new do (if you will) and commitment to innovation to their peers, so they partnered with creative agency Bray Leino to assist them in creating an unforgettable exhibit for SPE Offshore Europe, 2019.

The brief was to use a traffic-stopping technology that would attract and engage visitors, as well as activate their new identity as Wood for the first time at Offshore Europe; and all while showcasing their booth theme of ‘Art of the Possible’ – a theme dedicated to exploring Wood’s ability to adapt and to embrace change. Welcome then the PufferTouch2+, aka their very own ‘interactive sculpture’, to bring the WOW-factor!

The result was an eye-catching, polished and highly memorable application that not just showcased Wood’s strong visual identity, but it also explored their wider business strengths in a completely new way. With their theme of ingenuity, innovation and to always being adaptable and agile, the PufferTouch2+ acted as a strong aperitif to the wider art gallery. It looked as beautiful as an ‘interactive sculpture’ should, but had the added value of being highly intuitive, and able to offer brand messaging with real potency.

5. Studio Vertigo, Ursula Lassos the Moon

The year is 2017. The location, Saltwell Park in Gateshead - Newcastle. The event, Enchanted Parks. The theme, The Inventor’s Ball.

With an original story written by Susan Mulholland forming the backdrop to the event, artists commissioned work for the outdoor light spectacle around Ursula Wailes, a young Inventor and Victorian heiress to the Saltwell Estate. Some interpretations involved shining sculptures and projections, while others incorporated music or whispers of her voice. But for artist Lucy McDonnell, she had their sights set on the night sky. Lucy, with the help of Stephen Newby and Pufferfish, created an incredible piece of art that combined lighting, projection, illusion and genuine innovation.

Entitled ‘Ursula Lassos the Moon’, it told the part of Ursula’s tale where she lassoed and pulled the Moon to earth, where she tethered it to a boat on the park lake and left it to float. Utilizing our PufferSphere® technology, Lucy was able to depict the magnitude of the Moon with our 2-metre screen, and also display the intricate details of the Moon’s craters, shadows and depth with our state-of-the-art internal projection technology. The result was an incredibly detailed, 360° display that gave the Moon life-like qualities to really stimulate the senses of audiences. And what better way to see the closest planet to Earth than floating above a lake before your eyes?!

“We couldn’t have done it without the PufferSphere. There is nothing better, and nothing that offers that hyper real WOW-factor like it. It made the project engaging, immersive, and created the feeling of realism, even including intricate movements as it slowly spun through the night.”

- Lucy McDonnell, Studio Vertigo.

6. Wonderspaces, ANIMA

Imagine our enthusiasm when our relationship with San Diego’s, Wonderspaces began. An art gallery dedicated to the belief that art can bring people together; to creating shared experiences, to ensuring art is accessible to all, and all while stimulating the senses with modern, ground-breaking artwork from some of the world’s leading artists.

Their 2019 Summer exhibition incommon explored the work of 13 innovative artists, including that of the internationally acclaimed ANIMA by Artist Nick Verstand and onformative, and featured our eye-catching technology. We were thrilled to continue our modern art journey through the genius of ANIMA, and showcase our state-of-the-art PufferSphere® solution to North American audiences. The purpose behind ANIMA? To shine a light on communication between humans and Artificial Intelligence; and all while pushing the boundaries of sensory art: “Investigating how we emotionally relate to a digital being. In order to better understand this relationship, we created ANIMA: a spherical digital entity that communicates with us by interpreting our body movements and sounds. A generative being that comes to life through interaction.” (Nick Verstand)

Being our second international activation of ANIMA with Nick, it’s great to see creative genius utilising our technology and truly making it magical for audiences to enjoy.

[Photo Credit: ANIMA by Nick Verstand and onformative, Wonderspaces]

These are just a few projects worth highlighting, but we take great pride in working with exceptional clients worldwide; and every year our collaborations enhance our passion for making magical memories and innovative experiences.

Get in touch for how Pufferfish can make your marketing magical, make it memorable, magnetic, and spherically speaking - LIT!

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