Breakfast in Edinburgh

Pufferfish served up their first official Networking Breakfast at Edinburgh's Urban Angel in February. Bringing together local thought leaders and talking all things content, innovation and COP26, it was a great opportunity to enjoy a caffeine-filled morning. See below for more!

Australia, on Fire!

As Australia is ravaged by bushfires, we use our voice to raise awareness and support for our commonwealth comrades. Powerful data visualisation can raise awareness and give visual context to a crisis we all need to get behind.

Make it Magical

Pufferfish believe in making shared experiences, in making truly unforgettable moments and pushing the boundaries of marketing, brand and engagement. We believe in making those moments magical.

The PT2+ goes MOBILE!

Introducing the world’s first mobile, touch enabled spherical display solution. The PufferTouch2+ Mobile.

Introducing the new PufferSphere range

Transform the strength of communication and visualisation with our new PufferSphere® 1200 & 1500mm range. Unlock new dimensions of unforgettable storytelling and deeper engagement!

Thwaites Glacier: A Story in Data

Global warming, shrinking polar ice caps, sea levels rising... we've all heard tales of our seas, and how rapidly they're changing. Join us as we explore a data visualisation showcasing the global effect of Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica melting. A glacier so large it's the size of Britain...

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