Press Release: Pufferfish Appoints New CEO to Target Growth in Immersive Display technologies

We're pleased to announce the appointment of Elaine Van Der Berg, a seasoned industry leader, as the new CEO to strengthen our leadership team and drive growth and transformation at such an exciting time in the industry. Find out more in this press release.

Ready Player One: Into The Metaverse!

What is the metaverse? In this lab we flesh out the many ways you would have already participated in a virtual experience, and what exciting virtual possibilities await us in the not too distant future.

COP26: Pufferfish at The UK Pavilion

More than 190 countries descended on Glasgow for COP26 in November to better understand and combat climate change. Here Scott Franklin, Head of Event Delivery & Content at the Department for International Trade explores the power of UK space data and the impact of using a Pufferfish display.

On Climate and Change: Everything we know

Climate indeed is changing, but just how much? In this interactive lab, we let you explore the climate change data for yourself in our exciting Wake tool!

Retailtainment: Experience Marketing at its Best

Experience Marketing is a powerful tool the world over. But what does the new face of experience, 'Retailtainment', entail? We investigate further...

Guest Writer: Public Accessibility & Visitor Experience Tech

Guest Writer, Kirsty Lawie: 'How to improve public accessibility and visitor experience with tech.'

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