Transform the strength of communication and visualisation with our new PufferSphere® 1200 & 1500mm range. Unlock new dimensions of unforgettable storytelling and deeper engagement!


Pufferfish are proud to present: The new PufferSphere® 1200mm & 1500mm range, with fully integrated Presenter software.

Unlock new dimensions of unforgettable storytelling, deeper communication and transformative engagement. It sounds like the future, and it is. With Pufferfish, the future is now.


Building on the global success of our PufferSphere® and PufferTouch® solutions, the newest PufferSphere® 1200 and 1500 range reaches new heights in usability and interactivity.

These robust 4K systems revolutionise how you can curate presentations and showcase your data, offering unparalleled image quality.

The new PufferSphere® range is the brightest to date, and our largest acrylic screens at 1200mm and 1500mm diameter. Punching 4K resolution, 13,000 Lumens and able to explore mesmerising content, you can engage your audiences in a way never previously possible.

Features include:
Full 4K Ultra Bright Screen
Fully integrated software application
Full Network Support
Laser projection technology
Integrated Audio


Creating unforgettable presentations has never been easier. Our fully integrated Presenter software gives you full control, and puts powerful content creation at your fingertips! Drag and drop images and video content to your personalised library, customise arrangements, set duration, add crib notes and define captivating layers. Bring your compelling stories and key messaging to life from any browser enabled device; PC, phone or tablet.

Curate your presentations using our intuitive virtual sphere to spin, tilt and manipulate the globe - and all with just your fingertips. There is no limit to the amount of presentations you can create and when they’re complete, simply click and present. You can even develop presentations on any PC and upload them to any of our PufferSphere® solutions at a later date.

Get in touch today for more information on our PufferSphere® 1200 & 1500mm range, and join us in transforming the power of communication, visualisation and presentations.

Gather round!

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