We were proud to launch the new PufferTouch2+ range at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam, alongside some of the most innovative minds in the industry.

ISE is the world’s most advanced technology integrators show; it’s where the ‘who’s who’ of global technology innovation come together to showcase their latest products, and discuss all things tech. 2019 saw the Pufferfish team make a triumphant return to the show, and kicked off our new PufferTouch product launch in Amsterdam.

This year was the biggest ISE to date since their inception in 2005, seeing what was then only 120 exhibitors and 3,500 visitors rise to an incredible 1,300 exhibitors and over 81,000 visitors. Pufferfish were proud to be showcasing our brand new, top of the line PufferTouch technology alongside our projector Partners Barco to an audience that boasted the best minds in global technology.

With the PufferTouch2+ punching twice the resolution and brightness of the previous HD PufferSpheres, we were thrilled to see some familiar faces blown away by the new product. We drew crowds filled with plenty of new faces too, seeing them captivated by spherical display they’d never seen before, and introducing everyone to the out-of-the-box applications and content these systems now come with. While we continue to offer bespoke content development packages, our new ecosystem suite of applications provides our clients with tools and functionalities that are ready to use, and really user friendly.

For example, our ISE PufferExplorer app was developed specifically for this year’s display, and was designed to showcase a range of functional UX features on a globe. This allowed users of the PufferTouch2+ the chance to toggle on and off filters and really engage with the global interface, seeing their manipulation of the globe augment graphics and reveal insight before their eyes. Specific data layers for ISE included transport routes, weather data, demographic data, enhanced by a number of interactive hotspots across the world revealing 360° video and image assets.

Our PufferCore software is the power behind the application, allowing users to develop their global 360° storyboards that transform their content and data for a platform that really delivers in terms of engagement.

ISE is a fantastic opportunity to quickly and simply explore digital innovation with integrators and designers from all over the world, and we enjoyed scoping out the possibilities for our technology’s use across the corporate landscape, museums and visitor attractions, to research institutions and more.

Being seen alongside Barco at such an industry staple like ISE was a no-brainer for us. Our projector Partners, Barco have been an integral part of the advancement in the projections that make Pufferfish’s offering unique in terms of visual accuracy and performance quality. Their continual innovation over the years has allowed us to tailor our products to the demands of delivering memorable and unique digital stories to the highest standards.

From Pufferfish’s Head of Product, Tom Frame: "Barco’s leading-edge projector technology makes it the ideal technology partner for Pufferfish.”

With ISE leading the way in cutting edge technology within commercial and integration markets, the exhibition presented a hub for connecting communication technologies, digital signage and end user industries. Among the tech trends at this years’ show were new generation LED walls, 8k projection, 3D projection mapping and collaboration technology. All exploring the theme of ISE 2019, how technology captures imaginations and delivers incredible experiences.

Tech that caught our critical eye:


They really impressed us with their European debut of the OLED falls display, with 260 55-inch LG OLED TV displays, 76 concave ones, 72 convex ones, and 112 flat ones. The entire display came in at a whopping 6x19.8 meters in size, and the real WOW factor was the feeling of the digitally immersed environment that doesn’t revolve around a single user experience. Plus, they introduced bendable screens!


Their development of DeepFrame / AR/MR lensing systems is just brilliant, aka the ability to interact with 3D holograms / mixed-reality displays. You might know it from Tupac’s recent concert appearance or RealFiction’s creation of holographic dinosaurs at ISE2018 (see below). The product was an "Innovation awards honoree - Virtual and augmented reality" at CES 2018 and won the "InAVation awards 2018 - Display technology for digital signage" at ISE 2018.


Lasers were an exciting addition to ISE this year, and so of course our Partners were there in force displaying their XDL RGB. Essentially it’s using discrete laser emitters for red, green and blue that bring vibrant colours approaching (or achieving) REC2020. The clarity in colour and pixilation that the lasers create is beyond what most of us are used to seeing, and a great product for Barco to be offering.

The SDVoeAlliance

Media over IP, or otherwise known as ‘the closest we can get to teleportation’. The ability to send all your media to any location as long as there’s a network connection. While we wait anxiously for human teleportation, this is a massive development for business and personal data use-age globally.

Digital Projection

Multiview, a technology that DP have been working on for a while and it was finally shown publicly at ISE this year. Ultimately it's ultra-fast frame rates on the award winning Insight product line which allows multiple users (3 users in active stereoscopic and up to 6 in passive stereo) to see and interact with either the same content, but with personally parallax corrected views, or entirely separate content, at the same time from the one single projector.

Thank you again to our valued Partners Barco; we feel there is no better Partner to experiment with on projector technology, and with Barco installing a permanent PufferSphere in one of their HQ’s in Fredrikstad, Norway we hope further engagement will reach even more clients in the European market. Watch this space for future collaborations between us!

Thank you also to ISE 2019 for offering such an inspiring and engaging event. It allows us at Pufferfish to continue our spherical domination of the Pro AV industry, and not just compete with flat or curved technology, but compliment it.

[We're recognized as a top AR/VR Company on DesignRush, see our profile for more information]

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