With the Pro-AV industry set to reach $325 Billion by 2024, we were proud to debut our latest PT2+ solution to InfoComm in Florida. With a long history of success, the conference is a bustling haven for the latest in emerging tech, and all things Pro-AV.

InfoComm is a conference with a long history of success within the ProAV industry; and with big names like LG, Phillips, Bose, Sony, Samsung and Panasonic showing up each year, it’s no surprise. It’s a bustling haven for the latest in emerging tech, with a specific focus on the corporate space and its continual development.

This year’s major themes were collaboration, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual and Mixed Realities, OLED, woman in tech, challenging the conventional flat screen, and the future of AV tech overall; and with an average of 44,000 visitors each year, the conference is an excellent way to rub shoulders with the leading minds in ProAV, and technology in general.

While we didn’t see any radically new technologies debut at this year’s conference (unfortunately), we did see exciting developments in the way corporations could utilise modern technology to drive efficiency, to enhance connectivity for global businesses, to refine workflows, to explore data visualisation, and to even use AI to increase productivity. Again, nothing we haven’t seen before, but to see a predominantly American audience respond to these trends definitely helped us brainstorm our product roadmap, and how we can further refine our global offering.

A development we’re always happy to see is tech collaboration – the idea that teams (big or small) from locations across the world can work together using AV as a vehicle. Whether that be through virtual ‘huddle spaces’, screen sharing, video conferencing, etc and again, nothing new, but we were glad to see more cost effective and refined models we could utilise. A big draw card for a business like ours with clients and strategic partners in all corners of the globe! It was also a theme that dovetailed well to Pufferfish, and our Digital Campfire technology. Our PufferTouch2+ is specifically designed to encourage eye contact around the sphere, to allow discussion, conversation and debate to happen with the sphere as the centre piece; and this year especially with the concentration on collaboration and diminishing isolation amongst tech, audiences couldn’t get enough of our solution.

Big panel screens dominated again this year, and we got front row seats to the LG display. A truly enthralling piece of technology, both in size and in OLED quality - it was again a show stopper as it was at ISE in February with their exceptional content. Lucky for us then that we were exhibiting directly opposite, and we were thrilled to see our original spherical content hold its own beside such incredibly slick video animation.

We were proud to debut our latest PufferTouch2+ solution to the US market; the feedback was strong, and it was refreshing to have such positive conversations about our hardware, software and content. The tailored applications we created for the event drew in crowds, stimulated conversation, and allowed us to forge relationships with exciting new clients based in North America, South America and further afield. So overall it was a successful conference for the Pufferfish team, and for the PufferTouch2+ as it starts its US movement to spherical prosperity!

And finally, some tech that caught the eye of our CTO & Founder, Will Cavendish...

1. Airstar

What’s not to love about backlit balls?!

“A great product for site lighting, film and TV, and we would love to have some in our new studio.”

2. LG 8K Crystal Sound OLED

Disclaimer: This is just a concept product for now, but consists of a crystal clear 8K panel with inbuilt speakers where the sound emanates from the panel itself. Incredible!

“The only TV I’ve witnessed that genuinely felt like the future of the traditional TV viewing experience. At 100dpi on an 88” screen, I definitely don’t have a room large enough to house it, but I’m thinking about moving now…”

3. Samsung’s LED ‘The Wall’

Deep black enhanced by Samsung’s Black Seal Technology, and the depth of colour and saturation was spectacular.

“The best I’ve seen from any narrow pitch LED, and it’s customiseable!”


“A rich aesthetic brought this totem to life. Whilst by no means technically groundbreaking, taking a few minutes in a dark corner of the show to bow down to this Slavic deity was well worthwhile.”

We can’t wait to see what InfoComm brings to Las Vegas next year!

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