El Nino vs La Nina: A Weather Story

“If you want to understand how interconnected our planet is - how patterns and events in one place can affect life half a world away - study El Nino.” (Nasa)

Branding & Ethical Business in 2020

2020 is a year that will go down in history for many reasons. But as the world perspective on ethical business shifts, could brands with a conscience become the majority?

Big Brands & Popular Culture

Big brands have the ability to increase desire, they have the ability to stimulate cultural trends, and they can even go as far are shifting the paradigms of everyday life. Brands are a key element of popular culture. But what makes a brand, big? And who has hit the nail on the branding head?

COVID-19 & Food Delivery

Takeaway is a British staple - A chippy, pizza, Chinese takeaway, you name it. With the introduction of food delivery apps like JustEat, Deliveroo and UberEats this relationships has deepened, but how has COVID-19 changed our relationship with food delivery? See the results here.

The 'New Normal'

An opinion piece on the 'new normal'. Join me as I look back on history and see how our ancestors adapted for survival, because if they could do it - I know we can!

8 Reasons Why... Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city that promises culture, beautiful architecture, world-class whisky, and is the UK's 'fastest growing tech hub'. What a place to call home! See our '8 Reasons Why...Edinburgh' is THE tech hub to watch.