Pufferfish served up their first official Networking Breakfast at Edinburgh’s Urban Angel in February. Bringing together local thought leaders and talking all things content, innovation and COP26, it was a great opportunity to enjoy a caffeine-filled morning. See below for more!

Pufferfish is an intrinsically Scottish business. Agile, wildly ambitious, innovative and hard working to its core. Having grown from the tech funding opportunities at the University of Edinburgh, over the past 15 years the business has grown to be a globally renowned content creator, technology innovator and the world leader in spherical display technology.

What’s more, Pufferfish in 2020 is still a proud Edinburgh local. Amongst all the international noise, we maintain our strong Edinburgh routes. With our Head Office based in the Scottish capital, we take great pride in being housed by one of the busiest tech hubs in the world. Plus, with Holyrood on one side and Edinburgh Castle on the other, how can you not love the city?!

A big part of being a ‘local’ business is staying in touch with other locals. Connecting with other business both inside your sector and outside, it’s about building strong relationships in Edinburgh, having constructive conversations with trusted associates, and ensuring that amongst all the innovation we never lose sight of what makes us, well – US. And what better way to stay connected with local thought leaders, than by hosting our first ever Networking Breakfast at one of Edinburgh’s favourite cafes, Urban Angel.

The private event saw 20 Edinburgh professionals join us for a breakfast and caffeine filled affair; a chance to network with latte in hand, catch up over granola, and witness a sneak-peak of the Pufferfish content road map from our very own Will Cavendish, CTO and Co-Founder. But more than that, it was a chance to knowledge share, to give insights into the content world, to explore new avenues of data visualisation, and to digest how we can better showcase digital stories in a non-linear fashion ahead of COP26 in Glasgow.

We were so thrilled to have such a diverse range of successful professionals in our company, from tech industry heavyweights to event specialists, to academics in visualisation, to creative agency Directors, to Marketing leads representing some of Edinburgh’s top businesses, to product development experts and multi-media production powerhouses… just to name a few.

Overall, it was a morning filled with inspiration, ideas and insights, and a great opportunity to build stronger connections with other locals. We enjoyed every minute of it, and can’t wait for the next Breakfast as we roll them out in key territories across the globe.

Thank you to all who gave us their time for the event, your support and engagement is invaluable to us, and we can’t wait to see Edinburgh thrive across all sectors with your knowledge and commitment in industry!

Thank you also must go to our gracious hosts, Urban Angel. The food was delicious as always, the coffee and juices fresh to death; and if you want to enquire about hosting events there, see their website here. We would highly recommend it… if for nothing else other than their life-changing acai bowl.

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